5 ways to encourage more sleep in spring and summer

Believe it or not, spring is in full ‘fling’ and we (hope) to start experiencing some milder climes soon.

In readiness for our warmer months ahead, we thought we would share a few top tips on how to help your little ones sleep throughout spring and summer.

If you’re anything like us, you may be experiencing a little resistance to the usual bedtime hour; “But it’s still day time outside, Mummy!...”

Here’s where having a few nifty tricks in your back pocket, ready to deploy, may just make your bedtime routines that little bit more straight forward.

Without further ado, here are our top tips for serene spring slumber:

  1. Block out the light

Sounds obvious perhaps, but if you haven’t invested in a black out roller blind, now is the time to do so.

Double window treatments can help counteract any little leaks of light that might sneak through into their room. For example, a black out roller blind, coupled with a roman fabric blind on top, or even thick curtains can really help keep the lovely long evening light out of their rooms.

  1. Swap out the bedding

Bowood spring bunk detached

When it comes to lowering the tog of their duvet, it’s also worth a bit of a spring refresh. We’d recommend allowing your child access to a spare blanket (if they’re old enough) just In case the nights get a little chilly, but psychologically preparing them for spring with a new duvet design and softer, lighter bedding can really help them get ready for summer. Thinner duvet sets made from muslin or the cooling properties of linen are great options.

  1. Invest in a natural mattress

natural luxury wool kids mattress

If it’s time to replace their mattress, it may just be worth looking at a natural wool option as we move into the warmer months. Wool is a natural temperature regulator and so can really help maintain an ideal sleep temperature for your child as they grow.

Take a look at our full range of natural mattresses here.

  1. Add a spring palette to their space

spring summer bunk bed

Marigold, Artichoke green, Blush or calming Sea blues, now is the ideal opportunity to introduce soft and gentle colours into their space. Mix them up for a riot of spring like joy, or pare it back with just one or two gentle tones. To prevent from unnecessarily having to redecorate their whole bedroom, update a few key pieces such as bedding, rugs, art work and lights to give their space a whole new look.

And for the morning…

  1. Set an alarm

If your child is old enough to be able to tell the time themselves, alarm clocks are a great method for encouraging a little lie in, or simply just for instilling some routine and order to their morning. Digital clocks that have the ability to play their favourite music or even an audio book are handy devices when it comes to getting an extra few minutes in bed, before the children invade at the crack of dawn! 

Happy (spring) sleeping! x