The Best Beds for Spring Sleepovers

With March racing past, Easter on the horizon and the promise of warmer weather on the way, we’ve been chatting to our customers about how they can adapt, revamp and refresh their children’s rooms ready for guests this spring.

When it comes to sleepovers, there is always a slight conundrum. – You want your sleepover guests to feel comfortable and at home, but equally you need sleepover solutions that don’t encroach on precious play and storage space in your little ones rooms when they’re not in sleepover mode.

So what are the options when it comes to providing sleepover spaces for little ones?

Here are 4 ways to create space for sleepovers this spring:

  1. Make use of the space under their bed.

If your little one has a Little Folks Furniture single, double or a set of bunk beds, we can guarantee that one of our roll out trundles will slot neatly underneath. Trundles are giant drawers that can easily convert into a safe, cosy temporary bed with the addition of a trundle mattress. Our trundle mattresses are all spring interiors, so there is no scrimping on quality, even on mattresses that are not used as often as every night.

fargo grey small double bed with sleepover trundle underneath

When in trundle bed mode, simply roll the bed out, pop in the mattress and set the bed up with pillows and a duvet for an instant sleepover sanctuary. For ease of use and space, the castors on our trundles are all multidirectional, which makes rolling the trundle over carpets, a doddle and it also means that the trundle can be manoeuvred around the room more easily. – For example, against a wall.


  1. Invest in an L shape bunk bed.

Perfect for families with little ones who come to stay on a semi-regular basis, you might be looking for a bed for one child that can convert into a shared bed, but without affecting too much of the floor space. This is where an L shaped bunk bed, or loft bed with bed underneath it can really help.

Fargo loft bed painswick blue

Many of our customers choose a high sleeper (loft) bed with a single or double bed underneath, and mainly choose to sleep on the loft section (upper bunk). This frees up a whole proper bed on the ground floor, which Is ideal for families who need shared bedrooms relatively frequently.

Investing in a loft bed like this also means that because it is totally independent, the underneath bed can be moved wherever is needed, making it an ideal choice for long term changing bedrooms. For example, the bed underneath could be moved into a new bedroom entirely, thus completely freeing up the space under the upper bunk and indeed offering a brand new bedroom for a different child, elsewhere in the house. This makes an L bunk a versatile sleepover option for the long-run.


  1. Choose a day bed for the office or guest room

Fargo day bed with trundle bed pulled out

A sofa with chill out space by day for watching television, reading a good book, or chatting with friends, which converts into a sleepover bed by night with the addition of bedding. The integrated roll out trundle underneath the bed makes our day beds a double sleepover bed option, ideal for spare rooms, offices and family rooms.

Whilst many of our customers choose a day bed for their bedrooms, we are also seeing  a trend for them to be used in living spaces too, and we reckon it’s all about the mattress. With a proper pocket sprung mattress on top, it makes for a roomy and super luxurious sofa space which is just as good as the bed!


  1. Choose a fold out futon for compact rooms

fold out child's futon

For smaller rooms that don’t have the luxury of spaces for sleepover beds, a fold out futon chair might be just the answer. Providing a very comfy lounge chair by day, the fold out futon offers a place to perch whilst gaming or reading, and slots neatly into the corner of a bedroom, under their loft bed, or even in a family office or study. By night, it neatly folds out into a bed space, with one swift movement, and no conversion kits necessary! Our fold out futons are hand tufted, and feature solid hardwood timber bases, as well as durable cotton twill covers. Easy to clean and super hard wearing! And it may be little, but this futon chair is mighty and like our beds, will support an adult sleeping on it too.