How to create an intergalactic themed bedroom for autumn

When it comes to designing a space themed room, there’s no need to be too obvious. - Instead of washing the walls in black, try using varying blue tones to reflect the shades naturally scattered across the sky, and include some pops of yellow for contrast.

blue space themed bedroom with navy bed and furniture

For this new bedroom design featuring our Fargo bed in Painswick Blue, we chose a Cyan blue hue that we painted across all the wood work, including the panelling and the skirting of the room. We then added a contemporary geometric wallpaper with lovely hints of Chartreuse and Navy highlights to complement the panelling. Alternatively, you could look for some star wall stickers to add a galaxy look to the top half of the wall, and up onto the ceiling for a starlit canopy above the bed.

For flooring, in this room we opted for Engineered Oak as we wanted something hardwearing, but you could opt for a space themed rug or even a subtle touch or two such as a rug with stars or planets on. If choosing a rug, it’s a good idea to pull the colour of the walls through in to the rug choice where possible. We selected a geometric design rug to pull in with the wallpaper print on the wall.

Boys bedroom blue accessories and rockets

When it comes to accessorising the room, subtle touches can make all the difference. Metallic pendant lights, star motif cushions and well-chosen combinations of prints will all tie the look together. We opted for a mix of striped cushions and star cushions to complete the look, as well as a retro style industrial ceiling pendant. A vintage solar system print resting on the picture rail adds to the eclectic feel of the bedroom.

We kept the bedding simple with a strong navy blue stripe, which we over-layered with a Cyan blanket to pick up the wall colour. This creates a timeless appeal, and striped bedding is a great, fool-proof option for any themed bedroom. It’s also classic so will never date. For a younger look, perhaps try bedding with a star print, or if you feel that’s a little too bold, a plain duvet set with a star print blanket over the top would look just as effortlessly smart.

Why not have a little fun and make the space feel more personal by accessorising with homemade robots and rocket ships crafted from cardboard tubes? – A great rainy day activity!

space theme bedroom with boy standing on bed

To create our tube rockets, we used children’s non toxic poster paint and some old cereal boxes. We selected a variety of tubes for differing heights, and painted with colours to tie in with the retro palette in the rest of the room. We carefully cut triangular shapes for the rocket base, and slotted them on to the bottom of the tubes. We then cut circles from the card with a slot running up to the middle of each to create the top of our rockets. - Get the kids involved in selecting colours and painting to add some of their own art work to their space!

Happy styling x