Shining a spotlight on our Classic Beech Bunk

“… The bunk bed is crafted from a very solid beech wood, making it reliably sturdy without any wobbles… This one offers a timeless look with its tall, slatted headboards and footrests. A top-quality classic.”

Ali Howard, IndyBest, Monday 19th April 2021

Meet our best-selling bunk; the Classic Beech, as recently featured on IndyBest’s Top 8 Bunk Beds!

From a versatile, classic design that suits a variety of spaces, to traditional construction methods and craftsmanship, our Classic Beech Bunk is one of our most popular bunks. – And it’s just had the thumbs up from IndyBest too, so we thought it was time to shine a little spotlight on the bed itself!

benefits of the classic beech bunk bed

It’s a material thing

As you may know by now, we pride ourselves on designing for suitability. So what does this mean exactly when it comes to bunks?

When it comes to the materials for designing our children’s bed frames, we only use solid hardwoods that have been carefully selected from sustainable sources. The Classic Beech Bunk is no exception. – The frame is crafted from solid Beech, which is a strong and durable timber that will withstand knocks and bumps. It’s also the perfect material to paint, which brings us nicely on to the next feature…

Timeless appeal

classic beech bunk bed white

classic beech bunk in dove grey

Our Classic Beech Bunk comes in two, durable paint finishes (both of which have been tested for toxicity): Dove Grey is a gentle, soft grey that we’ve designed for versatility. It sits happily with many other colours, and so is a great option for a subtle spot of colour in a bedroom. The Pure White is fresh and perfect for Scandinavian style spaces or traditional bedrooms alike.

It’s all in the detail

tongue and groove on end of classic beech bunk bed

Wall panelling is very much a trend du jour, and we like to think that our Classic Bunk has its own version of panelling – Tongue & Groove in fact, on the ends of the bunk! This feature is what makes the bunk so versatile; tongue & groove is often used in traditional, and older houses as architectural features, however in recent years it has also gained success when used in more of a Scandinavian setting.

Superstar space saver

The Classic bunk saves space in more ways than one; Firstly it has a space saving ladder, which is fully fixed to the frame of the bunk bed. This means that it doesn’t take up precious space within the bedroom, meaning more room for playing, of course! Secondly, the bunk has an optional roll out trundle. For those new to the world of children’s furniture, a trundle is essentially a third bed that sits underneath the bottom bunk.

So what’s so special about a little Folks Furniture trundle?

Classic beech bunk bed with trundle bed pulled out to side

Our trundles have multidirectional castors, making them glide smoothly along any surface (yes, even lovely cosy carpets!), They also have flat bases, which may not sound like much, but it means that they’re also multifunctional, no conversion kit required. – It can either be a giant storage drawer for all those toys, OR simply pop in a trundle mattress, et voila! You have an instant third bed option for sleepovers (or tired parents).

Twice as nice

dividing bunk beds - shown as 2 single beds

Fun fact; All of our bunk beds divide into two, full size adult single beds. So this means that not only can the beds be used in separate rooms for different children as they grow and once the sharing phase is over, but it also means that they can be used as twin beds in the guest room once they’ve flown the nest. – Remember the point about hardwood being super strong and durable? Selecting bunks that can split down and that are well made in the first instance will mean that you have greater usage options in the future. – No fast furniture for us, thank you!

So there you have it. – Just a few reasons why we think our Classic Beech Bunk bed is the bees knees.

Click here to find out more about the range and see all of our bunk beds. Happy researching! x