Loft bed living  – 5 reasons to buy a high sleeper bed

There’s no doubt about it, loft beds are whizzes when it comes to decking out children’s bedrooms. Designed for kids aged 6+, high sleepers offer an array of solutions making them one of the leading choices for kids bed designs.

Here are just 5 reasons why we love a high sleeper bed…

  1. Make more space in their bedroom

Classic high sleeper bed with day bed

High sleeper beds are well known for their ability to save on space. – With the bed fixed at the height of a bunk bed, it means that there is oodles of room underneath for a variety of furniture, from chests of drawers, to desks and even other beds too. This makes it the ideal bed for compact bedrooms, since these extras can often be stored within the footprint of the single bed.


  1. Masters of multifunctionality

Fargo ivory white high sleeper loft bed

From study stations, to chill out zones, smart storage solutions and pop up sleepover beds, loft beds have the ability to turn their hand to providing any number of functions for children’s rooms. They become particularly useful when it comes to homework and sleepover time, creating an all in one living space for children, enhancing independence and confidence.

Built in desks are especially handy for periods of time where homework and coursework are important, and help keep notes packed away and zoned off from the sleeping area. Seek out loft beds that have the ability to offer flexibility when it comes to desk positioning. – Desks that can be set up at either end of the bed or even on the outside of the frame can be endlessly useful when It comes to refreshing rooms later down the line.

Similarly, having a special chair or sofa on which to relax can be really useful for switching off from the studies, and can also double up as a guest bed for holidays. When it comes to sleepover beds underneath loft beds, look for those that can be folded up or rotated to be stored under the bed frame. Quality is key, so even if the perception is that the guest bed might not be used too frequently, it is often worth spending a little extra to ensure a high specification and good level of comfort for guests.

  1. Make a style statement

Classic loft bed with desk, pink

Let them sleep among the stars, by creating a magical, elevated sleeping space. Encourage the use of their imagination by dressing their high sleeper with colourful bedding in their favourite theme. An imposing loft bed in itself naturally makes a focal point in a child’s room, meaning that there isn’t much need for any other styling elsewhere in the room.

  1. Flexible design

Fargo high sleeper bed

High sleeper bed designs often include a degree of flexibility when it comes to the configuration. Look for beds that enable the ladder to be affixed at either end.

If changeability is high on the agenda, it is a good idea to find a loft bed with independent furniture pieces underneath, which gives you the longevity and variation in usage. For example, many loft beds have freestanding sofa beds or desks which can be pulled out completely from under the bed frame. This means that they can be used anywhere in the bedroom, but also that they can be moved into another bedroom entirely, further extending the bed life. For this reason, it’s worth considering the loft bed investment as a piece of kit that can serve the family home for many years. Many of our customers end up using futons and day beds in family rooms and even moving desks into office spaces when their children have flown the nest, or if they need a separate space in which to study.

  1. Keep the room neat and tidy

Classic high sleeper bed

Well, we can but try! A good place to start when it comes to keeping on top of the clutter in their bedroom, is creating enough storage space for all their belongings. As we’ve already seen, a high sleeper bed offers enough room underneath to stash away clothes and toys, so it makes a good start when it comes to setting tidy intentions. – What better way to get them excited about tidy up time!?

There are so many more reasons to choose a high sleeper loft bed for your child, so if you’d like to chat all things high beds with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help you with your search, and in the meantime, check out our full collection of loft beds loft beds little folks furniture