How to create Mix & Match style children's rooms

The trend for mis-matched interiors is one that is taking the interiors world by storm. But how do you create the effortless aesthetic in your own child's room? Read on for hints and tips.

Combine old with new

When it comes to creating a relaxed style, mixing older style furniture pieces with a brand new bed is a great way of enhancing a bedroom. From family heirlooms to charity shop and market place hauls, it's also a great way to be a little bit thrifty. Whilst we'd never recommend scrimping on your child's bed quality, pairing it with second hand furniture makes a lovely, unique look for their space. 

For a classic looking bed, such as the Bowood bed with spindles, we'd recommend looking for a couple of classically styled pieces such as this dressing table, that give a nod to the past and create an overall vintage style to the space. bowood bed with antique dressing table

For a bed with a mid century modern style, for an eclectic look, it is worth seeking out simple furniture to pair it with, with simple designs. Industrial styling also suits this aesthetic - Take a look at the home made reclaimed wood shelving in this Edit bunk bedroom.  Mid century style is also the perfect opportunity to add some colour into the mix. Subtle additions such as the painted metal shelf uprights help create a mix and matched feel. 

edit bunk bed

Paint with testers

For small furniture pieces, a quick and inexpensive way to modernise them is to get some furniture paints mixed up. A plain colour will help ground the furniture item, whereas the addition of patterns and murals can help create a focal point to an otherwise simple bedroom. For the colours, we'd recommend picking out one of the highlight colours already in the bedroom as a good way of creating a coordinated, but not matchy-matchy look. 

green furniture with bowood

Add natural wood elements 

For a timeless scheme and as long as the bed itself isn't a natural wood colour, we recommend scouring the car boot sales and preloved sites for little wooden furniture additions such as a vintage chair or wicker storage trunk.

Look for vintage toys 

If your children are of the correct age, vintage, traditional toys such as rocking horses and train sets are lovely ways to enhance a bedroom and make it look lived in and eclectic.