Super-Space Savers Unite!

With half term and Halloween just around the corner, and dare we say it, the 'C' word not long to follow after, it's time to start planning for those expected (and unexpected!) guests.

At Little Folks HQ, despite still being dressed for balmy days, (you'd be forgiven for thinking it's still summer with this glorious weather we're having!), we're busy bees, making sure everything's ready for our Little Folks Tribe for the winter season and beyond.

So we thought it may be a nice little idea to show you our Half term Edit as a reminder of just how versatile our Fargo range is ... Whether it's (not so) scary Halloween sleepovers you have planned, or you're hoping the eldest gets down to some revision, we've got a few things in mind that may just tick those boxes!

1. One of our favourites for versatility, is our Fargo high sleeper bed. Plenty of options available here, and space saving solutions are the aim of the game! … For those who like like the best of both, try our classic combination of part study time, part lounge with the pull out futon option. - Perfect for sleepovers, reading, and den building.

2. A single not enough? Why not save the raised bed for guests, and try them out with a double bed for added comfort. ‘Oh, but I don’t have the space’ I hear you cry. - Good job we’re space-saving wizards then, isn’t it!

Behold, our Fargo High Sleeper with Double bed and bookcase. - Why not double it up as a nifty bedside table?

3. Country chic more their style? Try out our comfy Fargo daybed, complete with pull out trundle for pyjama parties and the like.

4. A Half Term of solid study on the cards? This Fargo loft bed with impressively long desk may be well worth a look. An abundance of space to stash revision guides, exercise books and comics (you’ve got to have a little fun), it’s certainly one for those serious students.

5. Last, but most definitely not least, is one for the loafers (with a little bit of homework thrown in for good measure!)

A cosy loft bed, moveable sofa (it can be placed anywhere in the room!), plus storage desk. Triple whammy! Introducing the Fargo high sleeper with storage desk and pull out sofa.

Phew. That’s just a teeny-weeny snippet of our Fargo range, so if you’d like to talk through all of our options just give us a bell, we’d be happy to chat all things Space Saving!