Hi everyone, it’s Fi from The Cubby Hole here! If you don’t yet follow Little Folks Furniture on their Social Media platforms, then hop on to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram now! - I’m running a takeover for this week, where I’m taking a look behind the scenes at the story of one of their most popular (and beautiful!) ranges, The Fargo single bed with carved heart…

I've been chatting to the fabulous Creative Masterminds behind Little Folks Furniture, and it’s super lovely to be inspired by such passion and creativity!
What I LOVE about Little Folks is that there really is a story to tell behind each exclusively designed product, and that each one starts from scratch with an original hand sketch. Check out this sketch for Fargo single with carved heart by the owner himself, which features the gorgeously shaped carved heart detail, perfect finials and carved detailing on the foot and head boards. Simply stunning! These sketches are the beginnings of every product design. – How amazing is that?!

The concept for this product was to create a timeless classic, high quality bed that could become an heirloom piece to be passed through the generations. In a world of disposable fashion and interiors, how lovely is this concept. - I don't know about you, but I just love it when a piece of furniture has real concept and purpose.
Today they let me in on a little behind-the-scenes of their shoot, where they talked through their methods of colour selection and set designs.
Fun Fact: Each product photo shoot starts with a lot of paint testing, wallpaper and flooring sampling in order to establish the perfect setting for their products! For this bed, they wanted to inject a sense of escapism and whimsy through an Enchanted Forest theme. Don't you just love all these fun forest themed wallpaper samples?

Once the Creative team at Little Folks selected their bedroom set design and sketched out how they wanted their photos to look for the product, the next step was to create a mood board full of props to source and make. In my opinion, props and accessories make a room feel lived in and you get a real sense of the personality of the little one who lives in the space. For this shoot, it was really important for them to select pieces that weren't brand new, so items with a vintage feel and muted colour palette to work with the classic styling of the bed were key... Isn't it incredible just how much work goes in to the perfect room design?!

Here's the final imagery of their Fargo single bed with carved heart. I think you'll agree, it really does look effortlessy beautiful in its Enchanted Forest setting.



Finding out about the story of how this gorgeous product came to life for Little Folks Furniture was pretty special for me, and it certainly makes me appreciate the love, detail and quality that went into the design. I can certainly think of a few little ones who'd love this bed (myself included!)
Stay tuned for more styling tips and advice from The Cubby Hole …
Happy Styling!
Fi x