The Best Beds for Guest Bedrooms

Despite our name, did you know that all of our beds are suitable for adults to sleep on too? – All of the frames are properly made, from responsibly sourced, solid hardwoods and are strong and sturdy for a comfy night’s sleep.

So, it stands to reason, that many of our customers purchase a Little Folks Furniture bed for  the spare room, as well as their little ones’ bedroom.

For those fortunate enough to have a separate sleeping space for guests, space may be at a premium, as many guest rooms double up as office spaces and play rooms. So, a traditional double bed may not be feasible where multifunctioning comes into play.

This is where alternative sleeping solutions might be more practical for guest rooms, and it’s at this consideration point, at which many of our customers come to us to invest in a long-lasting, high quality guest bed.

Here are our customer’s Top 5 guest room beds:

  1. The Bowood small double bed (with low foot end) and roll out trundle.

With its elegant spindle detail, this versatile bed gives a substantial enough size without encroaching on too much space in the room. The roll out trundle is most often bought to function as another sleeping platform when purchased for guest room purposes. The low foot end removes visual clutter from the room, making the bedroom appear larger than it is.


  1. The Fargo loft bed with sofa bed and study desk

loft bed with desk and sofa underneath

A little bit of everything rolled into one, this guest bed includes two comfortable sleeping platforms, as well as a desk with storage built into it. As the sofa bed doubles up as a sofa by day, this bedroom configuration is ideal for customers who need a multipurpose bed and desk space within an office-come-guest room.


  1. The Fargo day bed

Day beds not only look the part, but they are effortlessly practical too. Simply add a few scatter cushions along the back rail to create a comfy sofa by day, then dress it up as a bed, pull out the trundle bed too, and by night you have two beds. This option is a firm favourite with customers who are looking for a proper bed that looks like a sofa (but that isn’t a sofa bed!) for playrooms and family spaces.


  1. The Fargo Small Double Bed with Trundle

A traditional bed, the Fargo has a chunky frame that will stand the test of time. A comfy roll out sleepover trundle underneath means that this bed has double the sleep space for just the footprint of one small double bed.


  1. The Fargo high sleeper with full length desk

loft bed with large desk underneath

For those who need a daily office space with a large desk on which to spread out, as well as a guest bed, the Fargo loft bed with full length, fixed desk is the ultimate desk bed. Because the desk is the most prominent part, this bed can sit effortlessly in a home office or study, alongside filing cabinets and storage, with a hidden sleep platform at the top, for when people visit.


 And now that your guests have a bed, they’ll need a comfy mattress to guarantee a good night’s sleep… Take a look at our range of sumptuous mattresses to complete the guest room sanctuary.

Sweet dreams! x