That's a Wrap!

a photo of some wrapping paper in pinkWe love all things eco-friendly here at Little Folks Furniture HQ, so we put our friend Fi to the test and asked her to create some merry and bright wrapping paper using brown kraft paper roll.

Want to make your own?

Here's how:

1. Roll out your brown paper onto a table, making sure that any lumps and bumps are flattened out.

2. Pick out your favourite paint colours and decide on your palette. (Fi used her favourite tester pots in order to make hers!)

3. Ensure that you have enough paint brushes and water to hand, along with wet wipes for those paint-y hands!

4. Draw on your design using pencil.

5. Once you're confident with how it looks, add that colour!

It really is that simple!

For the really young ones, a good old potato print works a treat!

Happy styling, (and a very Merry Christmas to our Little Folks Furniture Tribe) x