Terrific Trundle Beds

Don’t we all just need a little more space in their bedrooms? Preferably a spare bed for guests would be a good idea, and maybe some more storage for all their collections too?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? …

Enter the Storage and Sleepover Trundle Bed (also known as a trundle drawer).

trundle bed under bunk bed

Essentially a giant drawer that rolls out from right under a bed, a storage and sleepover trundle bed boasts a flat base inside within which to store their trillions of trinkets and for sleepover guests, a trundle sized mattress can be popped onto the base for an instant, comfy nights’ sleep. – A guest bed ready in a matter of minutes!

trundle mattress with stripe ticking cover

The trick is in finding a trundle bed that does everything you need it to do. So, here are a few things to look out for when purchasing a trundle bed for your child’s bedroom:

Trundle beds that are easy to use

Our trundle beds all come with multidirectional castors (wheels) which means that they are really easily manoeuvrable on both carpets and hard floors, and it’s almost effortless to roll them in and out from under the bed too.

Trundle beds with a flat base

This is an important one if you don’t want to be spending all your spare time attaching and removing bed slats. Many trundle beds are only available with bed slats, which means that in order to convert them into storage drawers there is a fair amount of assembly and disassembly to be done…. And who wants to spend time they don’t have building beds for their kids’ rooms?!

Trundle beds with multidirectional castors

It may sound like a non-essential requirement, but have you ever tried to move a bed on wheels that only roll forwards or backwards? The beauty of having wheels that roll any which way is so that you can easily relocate a trundle bed elsewhere in the room, simply by pulling and pushing … No lifting necessary!

Fargo bed with trundle

All of our single beds, small double beds and day beds come with trundles underneath, so there’s always the option to add extra storage and sleepover solutions.

Trundle beds that are also storage drawers

If you need that space under their bed to work extra hard, you may want to consider a sleepover trundle bed that can also be a storage drawer too. All of our Little Folks trundles can do both for any bed!

child's day bed with trundle storage

We are asked a LOT of questions about trundle beds, so here we’ve compiled some of the most regularly asked questions about sleepover trundle beds:

Can adults sleep on trundle beds?

Whilst we don’t test our trundle beds for adult use, we do know that many of our (grown up) customers frequently spend the odd night sleeping next to their child for ‘sleepovers’. – So the trundles are very handy during nights of illness and also for little ones who might need reassurance during the night.

Do you need to convert the trundle in any way in order to swap it from storage to sleepover functionality?

Not a Little Folks Furniture trundle bed. – All of our trundles are designed to simply pop a trundle mattress onto the base and it’s instantly ready for use (just make sure that you remove all the toys first for the comfiest night’s sleep!)

Do you make trundles for small double beds?

Our Fargo small double beds are available both with and without trundle beds, which like all of our trundles, are fully independent from the bed itself. This means that it can be pulled out and moved wherever is most suitable in the room. All of our trundles are singles, which means that when fully pushed under the small double bed, there is also a little storage space behind it for toys and trinkets. – The best of both worlds!

Fargo painswick blue

Are trundle beds comfortable?

Our trundle beds have the option to pop in a trundle bed mattress, and we have a mattress available which is fully specified to the same standard as our regular mattresses. We stock open coil trundle mattresses which is hand tufted and finished with a high quality cotton twill cover. So you can be reassured that the same amount of care and attention goes into all our mattresses, which means that yes our trundle beds are just as cosy as our other mattresses, and they also have a 5 year guarantee on them too!

How much space do you need for a trundle bed?

As long as you have another bed width’s amount of space available running alongside the bed, then that’s all the space you need in order to use a trundle bed! They essentially offer 2 sleeping areas but only take up the foot print of one in a bedroom for most of the time. – True space saving heroes.

 childs bed with striped duvet cover and trundle

Will any trundle bed fit underneath my bed?

We would always recommend purchasing the trundle when you buy your child’s bed, for 2 main reasons;

Firstly, you’ll want it to match aesthetically, so a bed that has been designed for use with a specific trundle will always look better than one that has been found after.

Secondly, we design and specify all of our beds ourselves, which means that our sleepover trundle beds are exclusive to our brand, and as such may not work underneath other beds.

Who are trundle beds most suitable for?

Trundle beds are brilliant for younger children who love sleepovers, and also parents who may want to sleep next to their child from time to time. They’re also great for any child who needs storage for their hobby collections and also toys or clothes.

Where can a trundle bed be used?

A trundle bed can be used in a child’s bedroom, but also day beds with sleepover trundles are very popular for guest rooms as they have the living room appeal during the day and for when the guest room isn’t in use. Day beds with trundle beds built in are also great options for multifunctional rooms like offices, studies and family rooms.

Here’s a little introduction to a few of our best selling sleepover beds:

The Fargo sleepover trundle bed. This classic number is available in Painswick Blue, Farleigh Grey and Ivory White.

dark blue bed with trundle in space themed bedroom

The Classic Beech bunk bed with trundle bed. With Scandinavian styling, this trundle bed would look just as at home in both a traditional or modern bedroom.

bunk bed, white with trundle bed

The Edit bed with trundle bed. The Edit bed with trundle is cool and contemporary. Effortlessly stylish for a sleek look and available in a variety of contrasting colours.

pink bedroom

To see all of our sleepover and storage trundle beds, trundle on over to this page. >>


Happy researching! x