Terrific beds for teens!

Teenagers can be a tricky age group to design for when it comes to bedrooms. Style savvy, they’ll likely be aware of emerging trends, have stronger likes and dislikes, and these may well be quite different to that of their parents.

There are various points to consider when it comes to deciding upon a bed for a teenager. – Or thinking ahead to the teenage years…

  1. Independence

Beds that encourage independence could be high up on their list. If space is at a premium and they need a desk for studying (and gaming!) then a teen high sleeper loft bed might well be on the cards.

fargo loft bed full length desk

For a stronger style statement, and something that looks grown up, the Fargo in Painswick Blue with full length desk ticks a lot of boxes. The moody blue hue sets a sophisticated tone which is ideal for a teen who takes their sleeping space seriously.

  1. Space

Bowood small double bed

Perhaps your nearly teenage child has outgrown their current single bed? It might be time to look into a small double bed like the Bowood. A small double bed is the ideal solution for giving your teenager a little bit more space to sleep, but without compromising on the floor space available in the rest of the room. Better still, pop a storage trundle underneath, and there’s somewhere to stash all their collections and clothes – better than the floor, anyway!

  1. Comfort

natural wool small double mattress

As children move around so much in their sleep, a good quality mattress is paramount to a decent night’s sleep. When it comes to replacing a mattress, considering purchasing a natural wool mattress can bring some added luxury to their lives. With a soft, damask cover, our 100% natural wool mattress encourages a high quality night’s sleep, night after night.  

  1. Style

day bed grey

For a teen bed that creates a style statement, consider a day bed for an effortlessly cool, laid back vibe. Cover in scatter cushions by day to create the perfect gaming and reading station. By night, pull out a pillow from the integrated trundle, and have the perfect snooze. Cosy!

In summary, a teenager’s room needs to be somewhere they want to spend time in, a place where they feel secure and content. – Why not get them involved in the design too!