Teenagers - a survival guide for grown ups?
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A lesson in Snapchat, for grown ups!

Let’s set the scene… it’s 5pm, any night of the week, you’ve spent the last 13 years of your life bringing up the most adorable, loving child. They’d cuddle up to you on a Sunday afternoon and watch the latest Disney movie on the sofa; they’d come in to your bedroom at 7am most mornings to give you a big hug and wish you a happy day. Now, they’re sat in their room, on their iPad, surrounded by empty plates and glasses watching something on Netflix; ignoring everything you shout up the stairs to them… Yes, it’s true, you’re now the proud owner of a teenager!

Whilst we could leave it there, and wish you the best of luck, we know that your beloved teenagers spend probably 90% of their home life festering in their rooms – therefore, we have designed and developed a great range of furniture to “hopefully” keep your young adult happy in their own space.

  We have these beds, we call them loft beds, some call them high sleepers, but they are essentially beds that nearly touch the ceiling, leaving the floor space clear for some really useful furniture (and plenty of dirty washing!)… There are plenty of options & don’t worry, all come with a desk for essential exam studying!

Perhaps yours wants somewhere to gaze inanely at their iPad? If so, we reckon our Fargo loft bed with futon chair would be ideal for this.

Maybe they still enjoy a good sleepover… if so the loft bed with sofa bed underneath is great, it’s a great place to lounge in the day, and acts as a decent sized sleepover bed at night.


For the ultimate luxury, how about adding a small double bed underneath?

Extra bonus options include a great little bookcase for all their study paraphernalia and a really smart hanging shelf to store their phones when they’ve had enough Snapchatting for the night!

We hope we have been able to give you some help to give your teenager that sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle that downstairs appears to bring on a daily basis.

Bear in mind, all our furniture is built to last, so don’t worry, if your little angels decide to gatecrash your newly found silence during university break or even want to move back in some time in the future, there will always be a place for them to lay their heads!