Styling rooms for Teenagers

Styling rooms for teenagers can be tricky. There are several important factors to consider when kitting out their room, and by involving them at the planning stage, you can help sculpt a space together that’s somewhere to call their own, and is an extension of their identity.

Some of the things to consider when designing for teens are to create a sense of privacy for them, somewhere they can be themselves, a safe haven in which to relax and lounge as well as sleep and work, and an inspirational environment that aids optimism, enthusiasm and relaxation.

Do your homework

If there’s something a teen is sure to need plenty of, it’s desk space for their all-important study and homework time. Even if it’s not top of their ‘To Do’ list, having a designated area of their own in which to research, study and revise is a great start and is the first step in encouraging them to tackle small tasks at a time.

When it comes to designing their desk area, it’s a good idea to try and create an environment where they feel in control. – A space for them to pin some of their favourite things or study notes to a wall works well. Encourage them to express their study style and personality, and it’s more likely to be somewhere they want to hang out more.

The key piece of furniture for their study station is of course a desk, and teenagers are much more likely to be inspired to do their coursework if they have a cool study space that they’re proud of. 

How to select the best desk for your teen: 

Consider Storage. If your teens’ room lacks good storage yet they have a lot of study aids, look out for desks with integrated storage.  - Hidden shelving, cubby holes or even built in cupboards make for great homes for all those folders, sketch books and revision guides.

The Fargo study desk is a design classic, modelled on a traditional storage desk design, so it’s ideal for teens who mean serious studying. It has a very handy storage shelf below the desk, and another at the bottom, which can either work as a foot well or further storage space.

Fargo study desk and chair


For something a little more Scandi inspired, take a look at our very Scandi and cool kids desk, The Edit.

Edit desk teenager desk

With solid beech legs, a sizeable work top and neat cubby holes underneath, we reckon it’s the perfect fusion between practicality and style. Clean, modern lines and the two tone effect created from the solid Beech legs and easily wipe-able work top make it a simple, Scandinavian design that’s sure to last in the style stakes.


Beds that have it all

Gone are the days when a bed was just a bed. Multifunctional beds are one of the most popular options when it comes to teenage sleeping solutions, and you can certainly see why. From beds that make use of the wall space with integrated ladders, through to high beds with built in furniture underneath, these are great grown up beds that your teen can really call their own, with everything they need to hand.

For compact bedrooms where you still need to steal a bit of space for study, why not take a look at a multifunctional bed and study space? Beds such as mid sleepers and high sleepers are perfect, as they’re ultimately like having bunk beds with desks underneath.

Our Cubix mid sleeper bed is perfectly versatile, with moveable roll out desk and storage, all on whizzy castors. This means that it can be rolled away to save space in a child’s room, or even wheeled out into a different room.

The Fargo high sleeper range has an (almost) endless list of study options, and comprises a bunk bed on top with a number of different desk configurations available underneath, from corner desks and storage desks, through to full length desks. These high sleeper beds are built using sustainably sourced solid hardwood bed frames, and crafted with mortice and tenon joints, so you can be sure the sleep and study combination will last.

Fargo high sleeper loft bed with full length desk

Fargo high sleeper loft bed Painswick Blue

fargo ivory white high sleeper bed

Take a look here to discover high sleeper loft beds that are perfect for sleeping and studying:


Lounge about

Extra seating for guests and chill time creates a cosy vibe where space allows, and is a welcome addition to a teen bedroom. Comfy seats such as bean chairs, occasional chairs and even futon chair beds provide them with an inspirational space that isn’t all just about study and sleep.

Check out the Fargo high sleeper bed with sofa bed or futon bed underneath, to effortlessly combine sleep, study and downtime.

 Fargo with futon

 bunk  bed with day bed

Express themselves

When it comes to decorating your teen’s room, they may have changing tastes, so it can often be a good move to keep the walls fairly neutral and add hits of strong colour through their accessories. To create a space that really represents their personality, curate their collections or images of their hobbies on a gallery wall and make them into a work of art; for example a wall of books, hats or model cars can make for a great feature wall.

Or, if you’re happy to let them go with the flow, let your teen loose with a paint brush and a few pots of colour. Murals are big news at the moment, so why not let them create their very own design? Painted walls may sound daunting, but they can be easily reversed with a lick or two of paint later down the line.


Light bulb moments

Cool lighting ideas can help shift a room from children’s bedroom to teen den, almost immediately.

This monkey light from Graham & Green is a fun addition to a room and offers mood lighting for a multifunctional space. 

Monkey lamp. Graham & Green

… and who doesn’t love a ‘70s lava lamp? They’re great for stress busting too; a few minutes watching the bubbles move inside these and exam anxieties will be a thing of the past! For a retro style lava lamp, take a look at these by Mathmos.

So there you have it, our top considerations for teen rooms in a nutshell:

  1. Plan their study station
  2. Consider multifunctional beds for teens in order to make their space work harder
  3. Look for additional comfy seating for that all-important down time
  4. Let them express their identity (within clear boundaries)
  5. Light up the room with some funky mood lighting

Happy styling! x