Spruce up their space this Christmas

With Christmas plans expected to be a little different this year, our thoughts turn to home life once more.

We think sprucing up our spaces for Christmas 2020 could be just the thing to make magical memories and create new family traditions, so we’ve been having a play in our photography studio to help inspire you at home.  

We’ve created two different looks for Christmas bedrooms that are easy to achieve, and won’t break the bank either, plus if your children are keen on their crafts, they can join in with styling their room for the festive season.

First up: Here’s how to create a magical neutral bedroom inspired by our ‘Dreaming of a white Christmas’ set:

If their bedroom is a neutral space, then this look could be perfect for Christmas as it’s all about layering different whites and neutral colours together, with a few hints of gold. It’s also the ideal Christmas setting for a gender neutral space and sharing siblings.

classic beech daybed white christmas scene


So start with the bed; a white bed or grey bed is the ideal base for a Scandi, white Christmas scene. For this Christmas bedroom, we chose the Classic Beech day bed in white.  

We added a soft white brush cotton duvet cover with a smart grey pinstripe. This keeps things traditional, yet fresh.


Now for the layer on top:

When it comes to adding blankets and throws, add between two and three for texture and warmth, but the main trick in pulling the bedding together is to match the blankets to a cushion or two in terms of colour. – They don’t need to be made of the same fabric, but if the tone is the same, the look will all blend together for a more seamless finish.

As it’s a day bed, we added a variety of scatter cushions in various finishes, but if you have a regular single bed against the wall, you can easily achieve the same look by using the wall as the ‘back’ of the bed.

Anything goes here; so you could have fluffy cushions, wool cushions, or satin cushions. – The list is endless. Repeat at least 2 of the cushions so that they all pull together to the eye. The key to this look is by restricting the colour palette to just neutrals, you can afford to mix up both prints and also material finishes. Cosy is the objective, so the more cushions the merrier, we say!


Add a rug. We have some lovely white washed wooden floor boards in this set, but the look would also work perfectly well with a white, grey or beige carpet too. – But this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in a lovely rug to play on. We chose this grey rug with stars as it gave a festive edge that would work at any other time of year, too!


Have fun and make your own snowflake wall art. Here’s how:

paper snowflakes


  1. Go foraging for the perfect fallen branch and make sure that it is clean and dry before you use it. You can then either spray paint it in white, grey or gold, or leave it a natural wood colour.
  2. Take some thin white card, and make snowflakes by cutting circles, folding them up and snipping small shapes into them and then unfolding again (yes, like the ones you made when you were little!) Make sure that each snowflake is slightly different, by cutting different shapes each time, and then press them under some heavy books over night to flatten out any creases.
  3. Use some fishing line (or other transparent thread) to thread the snowflakes on (with a needle), and then tie one end around the branch. Leave the other end loose. Vary the lengths so that you end up with different length strands of falling snowflakes.
  4. Screw the branch to the wall lengthways.


You can never have enough fairy lights, in our opinion. Battery operated lights provide a nice low light glow which adds to the perfect Christmas mood. Ensure that they are affixed somewhere away from where the children sleep or play.

And there you have it; a cosy and relaxing child's haven with a sprinkling of Christmas magic on top!