In an English country garden

Oh we do love a little creative collaboration here at Little Folks Furniture!

Despite being a small team of creatives, our product design output is vast and we’re always busy sketching out a new idea for a bed or mocking up a new furniture piece.

We design all of our own products from scratch, and spend lots of time brainstorming our product photography.

We’re also super lucky to have our very own studio on site so that we can ensure that we have full creative control over the presentation of all of our products. - This means that we can create bucket loads of inspiration for you and your families, as well as having lots of creative fun!

This month we teamed up with super stylist Fi and bespoke muralist Patricia to create a fabulous new look for one of our best sellers, The Classic Beech Bunk.

If you dream of drawing up a beautiful, bespoke piece of wall art for your little one too, check out our handy behind-the-scenes step by step guide below…

1. Pick a subject that’s important to you.
We had a collective creative brainstorm of ideas. Proud to be a British brand, we really wanted to celebrate the great outdoors here on our doorstep in Wiltshire and be inspired by the beautiful gardens that surround us.

inspiration photo

2. Nail the details
For our mural to be a true representation, we wanted to fill it with beautiful English blooms including:

Queen Anne Lace
Poppy Seed Heads
Cardoon leaves
Acanthus leaves

See how many of the above flowers you can spot in the final design!

Scale was also a biggie. We wanted to be bright and bold with our design, so chose to upscale to really provide the wow factor.


3. Prepare the Palette

Colour was important. Inspired by Bloomsbury gardens, we wanted to capture the sense of nostalgia and time, so we picked a palette of muted yet strong colours, including Pea green, Blush pink, Mauve, Navy and Aqua.

the classic beech bunk bed for kids

4. Get painting!

We carefully plotted our design onto the wall by dividing the space into squares and copying the small mock up sketch.

We then grabbed a few different brushes and started painting!

We wanted to create a hand painted finish to our mural, so focussed on more of a dry brush technique, but solid paint would work equally well.

admire the final results

5. Admire the final result.

get painting

We’re so pleased with our English Country Garden setting. What do you think? Would you be this bold in your own home?

prepare the pallette