How to update your child's bedroom for autumn!

As the evenings draw in, pumpkins are a-plenty, and we turn to hearty soups and home-cooked meals to stock up for the chillier days.

Naturally, we tend to focus on our homes again and updating it for the cosy season, since we spend more time inside during autumn and winter than at other times of year.  

Stylist Fi Campos has been taking a look at the autumn interior trends and colour palettes for 2019, and has come up with some great ideas to try out in your own children’s homes. From layering up with extra blankets and scatter cushions, to daring wall designs, tweaking their bedroom for the winter season needn’t take up much time nor cash!

Be bold!  First up, let’s talk paint and colour schemes. By keeping the colours in a tight palette, and layering up with texture, you can easily take a room from summer to autumn in often just a few key pieces.

This season there’s a big trend for colour blocking with strong paint colours. Colour blocking is essentially when you take opposite colours on the colour wheel, and show them adjacent to one another in a large expanse of space. You may be more familiar with the term in fashion, but it is most definitely big news in interiors, too. But, if the idea of using orange and indigo in the same interior space doesn’t have you jumping for joy, then why not try out a harmonious scheme, with colours that sit next to one another on the colour wheel for a more subtle look?

We explored this notion of more sutble colour blocking in our new Fargo high sleeper photography, where we painted one wall in a deep Petrol blue, and the other in Teal. With the Farleigh Grey Fargo high sleeper bed in front, the result is a statement space that’s both inspiring and colourful. Teals, Navies and Aquamarines are all still very big news in the style stakes, and they’re fantastic gender neutral colours that would be perfectly suited to shared bedrooms.

Fargo high sleeper bed with single bed underneath

The key factors that we considered before starting out with this scheme, was how to treat the architectural details. - We decided to paint over them for a modern look.We consciously painted the wood work such as the skirting, picture rails and any architrave in the same colour as the walls. This meant that although the room itself started as a more traditional space, we styled it in a way to reflect modern day trends. This small difference of painting over the edge of a wall or piece of wood work really can make all the difference in revamping a tired interior. Painting over picture rails and skirting boards also gives the illusion of more space and height in a room, which is most always welcomed!

Indigo and Teal on their own can feel a little cool, perhaps, so we warmed things up with some lovely fresh Lime green textiles.

Try similar cosy blankets and cushions from Tweedmill, like this lovely lime and turquoise one.  

Tweedmill blanket

For paint colours in this scheme, Crown Palm Spring is a lovely rich Teal colour, and for the Petrol blue, we chose Sapphire Salute by Dulux.

Light grey beds and furniture are long lasting colours that can be used as the neutral basis for many schemes. They work well with blue/green tones above, and just as beautifully for warmer schemes.

For this next autumnal kids bedroom update, we paired the same grey Fargo high sleeper bed with our daybed option underneath, and teamed it with Sucia Rosa pink paint and a Ruby red.

Sucia Rosa by CoulourCourage paints is a deliciously warm, autumnal shade that is reminiscent of turning leaves. With a Terracotta hue to it, this unusual pink works really well with other neutrals, but also looks equally fabulous with charcoal and mustard tones for a modern edge.

Teamed with a white wooden floor which ties in with the white base of the duvet cover, the scheme creates a lovely warming, autumnal glow, and is the ideal sophisticated colour way for a grown up girl's space, or for parents who are battling with the idea of  'too much' pink. 

To finish the room off, we created a little study area with the Fargo study desk, a charcoal desk lamp and some hand painted artwork to tie the scheme together.

Have you been thinking about changing your child's room for autumn? Take a look at our latest Pinterest board for some tips, advice and inspiration!