How to style a child's country classic bedroom

Country Classic style needn’t just mean traditional. You can easily create a cosy, modern look and feel in a child’s bedroom, yet select a traditional style bed and furniture, and use classic materials such as woods and wools to give it a nostalgic, warm feel with a modern edge.

fargo day bed with sleepover trundle, ivory white

Consider the Walls & Floors 

Wood panelling on the walls can provide a touch of rustic country charm. By painting any timber walls in a palette of soft off-whites, you can create a blank canvas full of texture and character on which to layer other colours and elements of your child’s personality.

For this room, we selected a Tongue and Groove panelled wall in a soft white hue, which was slightly lighter in tone than the bed colour. This kept things light, airy and neutral and meant that we could keep the focus on the bed itself.

For a similar colour, try Farrow & Ball's Strong White No 2001.

Hardwood floors can be a practical solution for kids' rooms. A white washed wooden floor provides a more contemporary feel to a country bedroom. If opting for a timber floor, remember to keep those little toes cosy by selecting a lovely warm rug. When it comes to hard wood floors in bedrooms, the thicker the rug pile the better in order to create warmth and extra snuggliness. 

Layer up 

You can never have enough blankets in our book! A day bed such as the featured bed in this scheme, the Fargo day bed with sleepover and storage trundle, provides plenty of opportunity for scatter cushions and throws a-plenty. 

The great news is that by creating a tonal and harmonious colour palette for the Country Classic scheme, you can get away with mixing and matching lots of different types of cushions and fabrics as long as they are all tones of the same/similar colours. Avoid any contrasting colours for this look, as the country style is all about creating a soft, organic scheme that's a gentle and relaxing space.

Forage for foliage 

Turn to the great outdoors for shape and colour inspiration. This set was loosely based around autumnal wildflower meadows, so we included a little vase of beautiful blooms to set the scene. If you don't fancy the real deal in your child's bedroom, there are such fabulous faux silk flowers on the market to try. Or, why not get crafty with a little dried flower pressing? 

 For the wall garland, we took some snaps of our own wild flowers, and printed them with various tints and filters to create a slightly vintage look. We then layered the photos up with music sheets behind, and strung them along a long pieve of natural cord using little craft bull dog clips. Tiny wooden pegs would achieve a similar look.

Look for traditionally crafted furniture 

For this Country Classic scheme we used our Fargo day bed in Ivory White. The bed has classic tongue and groove panelling details to the ends and front of the trundle bed, and the rounded finials on all four posts give it a more traditional and elegant look.

Fargo day bed ivory white

Day beds are a great option for a Country Classic kids room, because they're a traditional style bed, and the high posts, back and ends enable it to be set up as a relaxing sofa with lots of textiles, or equally a bed for sleeping in.

For this type of interior scheme, due to the nature of the simplicty of the look, it's important to seek out well built, thoughtfully designed pieces that look and feel sturdy yet effortlessly beautiful. 

For more help and advice on how to style your child's bedroom, don't hesitate to give us a call and speak to a bed designer: 

01985 300588

Happy styling! x