How to create a Country Classic bedroom for spring

Here at Little Folks Furniture HQ, we're dreaming of warmer spring-like hazy days, filled with blooms, butterflies and a little sunshine, so we thought we'd have a little revamp of our Fargo bed range in Ivory White to see if we could recreate a spring country garden inside.

You needn't live in a quaint, aged cottage with original architectural detailing in order to get this look. - Here's how to create the country style in one bedroom ...

 fargo bedroom, ivory white

To create our charming country classic style for the Fargo bedroom range in Ivory White, we first of all selected a colour palette to work with. We love all things pink here at Little Folks, but for this collection which is slightly more grown up than some of our other ranges, we wanted to take a look at some warm greens with  which to pair some soft, warm blush tones.

Luckily for us, Dulux Colour of the Year for 2020 happens to be a wonderfully gentle green hue bordering on Eau de Nil, which is called Tranquil Dawn, and seemed to be the perfect pairing for our single ivory white bed.  

What we particularly love about Tranquil Dawn, is just how versatile it happens to be. - Suitable for both boys and girls bedrooms, as well as kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. We can see it working throughout the home as a continuous thread of colour to tie all interior schemes together.

For the walls, we introduced some country-style architectural detailing, such as classic Tongue & Groove panelling, with a picture rail at the top. By creating the rail with more depth, it also doubled up as a shelf for various trinkets and toys. We painted the Tranquil Dawn panelling up to picture rail height, in order to portray a cosiness and country style to the bedroom. Above the picture rail, the panelling was painted white to keep a sense of airyness and space. This way, the top of the wall blends into the ceiling and creates a sense of height and scale. 

A quick, easy and very effective way of producing wall art to layer on top and add further interest, are these 3D paper butterflies using tester pot paints, as prepared by stylist Fi Campos


Here's how to create your own paper butterflies:

1. Pull together a range of tester pot paints to create a palette that will tie in with your interior. We used a variety of soft and gentle pinks and greens to create our set of butterflies. 

2. Using off cuts of card or thick paper, apply the paint to the card using a variety of brushes. This is where mark-making can create some really interesting effects. Try not to be too perfect with the marks, and in fact this is where children can join in with the fun too!  - Dry brushing, stippling, rollering and dabbing in the same colours all create unique prints that tie in with the individual and distinctive wings of a butterfly. 

3. Once the card has been covered in paint, leave to dry.

4. Once dry, repeat the process on the reverse of the card. We painted using mainly pinks on one side of the card, and then greens on the other. This was so that when the card was folded, it gave more of a 3-dimensional look to the wall. 

5. Once both sides of the card have been covered in paint effects, fold the card in half down the centre. Ensure that some of the card is folded with alternate colours facing inwards and outwards. - This is so that you have variety when it comes to mounting the butterflies onto the wall. 

6. With the card folded in half, carefully draw on simple butterfly silhouettes in varying sizes and shapes. You can easily find butterfly templates online. Once drawn on, start cutting! We advise that adults do all the cutting here as the layers could be quite thick and tricky to get through. By the time you've cut out all of your folded butterflies, it's time to plan the layout on the wall! 

For our layout, we planned it first by moving the butterflies around in various positions on the floor. We took lots of phone snaps to decide on the final solution, and then carefully transferred the design to the wall. We used spray mount to stick the card butterflies onto the wall. Remember to keep the butterflies folded and just stick one side, so that their free wing looks like they're flying off! You could also try mounting the butterflies within a photo frame if you'd rather not stick directly onto the wall. 

For the floors, we selected an off white wool carpet for a cosy vibe. If selecting hardwood flooring for children's bedrooms, be sure to add in some lovely fluffy rugs to keep those toes nice and cosy!

For the bedding, we sourced a vintage style bedspread with floral country rose design to tie in with the theme. We then layered this up with a soft, blush coloured blanket, and a variety of subtle pink and eau de nil coloured scatter cushions. Remember that although the days start to warm up from the end of February onwards, it can still get chilly at night time, so cosy blankets and cushions are always a must for snuggle time.

For the windows, we selected white linen voile style curtains with a red stripe. - For curtains with thinner fabric, the colour will always appear more diluted, especially during the day when the daylight is hitting them. This means that you can usually go a tone or two darker than everything else in the room when it comes to selecting coloured voiles. 

In terms of the furniture and bed for this set, we chose to feature our Fargo range in Ivory White, as we felt that it had the delicate classic detailing needed for this look, on the head and foot boards. For a classic country style bedroom, it's best to select furniture that echoes traditional carpentry methods and details, such as beading and finials, as this will create a more authentic look overall. 

Do you have a pretty spring bedroom that you'd like to share with us? Tag us in your spring styling snaps, on Instagram! 

Happy styling x