How to maximise space in a small bedroom

Small bedrooms for children can be difficult to design. From creating a relaxing sleep sanctuary, to an inspirational space to study, and an energising place in which to relax, multifunctional children’s bedrooms are fast becoming a popular thing in family homes, but when your child’s bedroom is on the compact side, it can feel like a daunting task ahead.

So, in true Little Folks Furniture style, we’ve had a Head Office creative brainstorm, and using our collective experience in designing children’s sleep, study and playful children’s spaces, we’ve collated some ideas on how best to design a compact kids’ room.

1.       Make the most of storage space under the bed

daybed with storage trundle

It may sound obvious, but where space is tight, thinking creatively about how to conjure up extra storage space is key.

Consider beds with storage – look for kids’ beds with underbed trundle storage. Of course, filling the space under their bed also ensures that no monsters can hide away either, win win!

 2.       Consider using neutral decor

A neutral base to the room décor can help keep the room light and airy, and also feel larger than it actually is, leading to a feeling of spaciousness. Bright white and pale grey are both versatile colours for small children’s bedrooms.

 3.       Detract with a statement wall

statement wall mural  - Edit bed

On the contrary, a hack that can also work well, is to decorate just one wall in the small space. Try a funky wallpaper, or wall stickers to create a focal point, which works to detract from the lack of surrounding space.

 4.       Use sky high shelving

Positioning shelving so that it’s high up on the wall helps to draw the eye upwards towards the ceiling, creating a feeling of space and height.

For rooms with high sleeper beds or bunk beds, try popping one of our hook-on shelves over the top bunk side rail, which will help draw the eye upwards and also double up as a clever space saving bedside shelf for the top bunker.

 5.       Opt for multifunctional storage

Storage pieces that can double up as shelving, and clothes rails or bookcases, are your best friend. As your little one grows, their needs will alter, so selecting versatile storage from the off-set will mean that not only are you saving space in their bedroom, but also that you won’t need to buy again later on down the line. For a multifunctional wardrobe, take a look at our classic Fargo combination wardrobe with a hanging rail in the top cupboard, and two full width drawers below. - The best of both!

 6.       Magnify with mirrors

Hang a large mirror on the wall to bounce light and space around the room. A cute décor hack is to use the frame of the mirror in which to tuck fun wall art, post cards and even art work, which helps the bedroom remain child-friendly and fun. For young children’s rooms, opt for mirrors made from safety glass and ensure that they are securely fastened out of reach of little fingers.

 7.       Decorate vertically

Position artwork and any wall décor vertically on the wall. Another trick is to paint a band of colour just wider than the bed width, painting it vertically on the wall, and continuing onto the ceiling. Again, this helps to draw the eye upwards rather than sideways.

 8.       Go minimal

minimal bunk bed

When it comes to styling a child’s small bedroom, less is most definitely more. “But what about all their toys?!” We hear you cry; select storage that packs it all way in boxes or behind doors. Keeping a space as visually clutter free as possible really helps make it appear larger than it actually is.

 9.       Mid sleeper beds are your best friend

cubix mid sleeper bed with cubby hole storage

If they’re over 3, raise them up a few feet, and pack the space underneath the bed with lots of storage. From mid sleeper beds with chests of drawers, and bookcases, even through to desks, opting for furniture that can be positioned any which way under a bed makes best use of their space, and also means that they needn’t forgo study or play areas either. Check out our Cubix mid sleeper cabin bed for options that include storage furniture on castors, making them highly versatile options for compact kids bedrooms.

 10.   Zone the space under their bed

high sleeper bed

Here’s where loft living excels. Suitable for older kiddies, high sleeper (or loft) beds offer a sleeping platform that’s the same height as a top bunk, but instead of another bed underneath, they have a whole host of fabulous functionality. From extra storage, to study desks and sleepover beds, there’s an option for everyone, including compact rooms where the need to zone their space under bed is a must.

If you think high sleeper beds would be the solution to lack of space in their rooms, take a peek at our range of Fargo high sleeper loft beds here.


… And there we have it! - Stylish, yet functional solutions and ideas for kitting out even the most compact childrens’ bedrooms.


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Happy designing!