How to create an inspirational study space for your child

The crisp chill is here, our fires have been lit more than once already in the past week, and we’re getting ready for our evenings of curling up with a cuppa in hand. Autumn is on its way, and we’re not sure about you, but we feel that we’ve had our fair share of a lovely summer and we’re ready to cosy up for a while. We’re also nearing the end of the School holidays, so get ready for the annual shoe shop queues and stationery stock up!

With the arrival of autumn, comes the new school term. With Back to School just around the corner, we thought we’d pull together a handy little guide about creating inspirational study spaces, to help get them prepared for serious studies for the year ahead. Whether your children are young and just starting to explore their counting, reading and writing, or whether they’re teenagers with piles of coursework to trawl through, there’s always a way to keep their work station fresh, inspirational and a creative haven of their own.

Here are our top tips for creating a cool study space for your kids

Look for kids desks crafted from high quality materials that are well designed and sturdy. Whilst the desk may not be their favourite part of their room, it arguably needs to withstand as much use as the bed (if they’re keen students, anyway!) Desks with solid hardwood frames or bases will withstand the hurly burly of modern day life, and are likely to still look just as good years down the line. Hardwoods are not only stronger than softwoods, but are also better surfaces on which to paint, so if you like the look of painted wooden furniture, checking the material underneath can be helpful.

Fargo study desk, Farleigh grey

Desks with storage are always a good idea. Hidden cubby holes and shelves are their best friend; perfect for post its, folders, exercise books and flash cards.

white desk with storage

Multifunctional beds with desks built into them are fabulous study solutions for compact children’s rooms. There are a number of beds with desks on the market, including bunk beds with desks, mid sleepers with roll out desks, cabin beds with fixed desks, and high sleepers with desks. The way to work out which is for your child, is a matter of prioritisation.

High sleeper and bunk beds with desks tend to be in fixed positions, which is great for older children who may need a permanent study area for all their books and folders.

fargo loft bed with full length desk

Mid sleepers with desks tend to be really great options for flexibility, especially if you need your child’s space to function differently at different times. With mid sleeper systems, you will often find desks that hide right the way under the bed, and pull out for a homework session. This makes a mid sleeper bed with a desk a great option for younger children who may not have much studying to do, or for those older kids who find it easier to hide it all away when in ‘relaxation’ mode.

Cubix mid sleeper bed with desk

Style it up. Desks needn’t be boring! Try a classic design with hidden foot well shelf like our Fargo study desk, or even go for a cool Scandinavian vibe with something like our new EDIT desk with solid beech legs.

Brighten their spark. Style up their study space by zoning the area. Use bold colours to enhance their creativity, or even add some funky pin boards and a cool desk lamp for a quick update. You could even use wall art quotes from a few of their icons to help inspire their studies.

Books are their best friends (when it comes to studying, anyway). Whilst the internet certainly helps with research projects and course work, the power of leafing through a good book for theories and inspiration can never be underestimated. If space allows, investing in some extra shelving to complete their work station can only be a good thing. - Try a bookcase with a moveable shelf for versatility, or even open cupboards that can be both multipurpose and offer flexible storage.

If you’re after some more inspiration when it comes to kitting out their study space, take a look at our range of kids desks here, or check out our Pinterest boards here.

Happy Styling! x