How to be Sale Savvy!
The Boxing Day and January sales can be a great time to invest in new items for the home, but how can you make sure that you're investing wisely in new beds and furniture for your own children?
In this blog post, we are sharing our top tips on what to look out for when it comes to avoiding buying beds that just don't fit the bill. 
1. Check the composition
Lots of today’s furniture is manufactured from softwoods, because it is deemed easier to work with, as well as being cheaper to buy. This makes beds and furniture that are manufactured from softwoods (like pine, for example), a lot cheaper for the end consumer. - Sounds great, doesn't it? But what does this mean for you, the customer, and what is the difference between a softwood and a hardwood anyway?
In a nutshell, hardwood is denser, stronger and won’t damage so easily.
You need to be especially confident that raised beds such as bunk beds and high sleepers will be rock solid and sturdy for little ones. Therefore, if you want furniture that will last, look out for those made from hardwoods, quality materials and that have proper joints.
Hardwoods are also a fantastic base for paint finishes. Softwood trees are knotty with a lot of sap and have a “soft” density, which means that if anything bumps into it, the wood bruises and the paint finish is then cracked. Paint that has been applied to hardwoods is more durable and results in a superior look that stands the test of time. 
2. Look for high performance beds and furniture 

When constructed correctly with the right materials, the performance of hardwood beds clearly outstrips others.
Don’t then be caught out with the wrong mattress. - A responsive mattress is vital for adapting to a child’s ever-changing shape and increased movement at night.
Traditional open coil and pocket spring mattresses will perform consistently over an extended period of
time and are able to rebound and be more responsive to any movement, ensuring a great night's sleep.
3. Check the bed size before buying

Measure wisely! Remember that children’s bedrooms are inherently multifunctional, being used for sleep, play, socialising and homework.
Choose a design that gives them space to grow, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box with a high
sleeper, mid sleeper or convertible bunk bed.
Keep an eye out for beds that aren't quite a standard single. They may appear good value, but if you then need to source bedding from specific places, you may end up spending more overall. Also, if you have an idea that you may want to use the bed at a later stage for a guest room, then a full size single bed is usually a good move. 
Choose the right bed option for your little one, and you can re-configure the room layout time and time again as their needs change.
4. Where is the bed/furniture made?

It’s important we all try to take care of our planet for future generations. One of the ways that we can look to do this is by considering the sourcing of our beds and furniture.
Whilst you research, try to find out if the manufacturer has used sustainable materials. For any wood that is used, it should be coming from a managed forest where there is proper control over trees and the process that is used.
Buying products carefully considered for a child's growth and well-being means you don't have to buy twice.
By not sacrificing quality in the hunt for discounts, you’ll make a big difference.
If we buy items that are not able to withstand the rigours of everyday use, it means we need to replace furniture more frequently, then not only do the costs add up for us personally, but we are also adding to the pressure of harvesting more wood and materials in the first place, and the environmental cost of getting rid of the old too, thus contributing to the usage of more wood, and also impacting upon carbon footprint. 
If you'd like to find out more about why we're so fond of hardwood bed frames and selecting the best, sustainably sourced timbers, have a read here. >> Hard wood versus soft wood in children's furniture design | Little Folks Furniture
Happy Sales shopping!