How high sleeper beds can help create a sanctuary for resting, studying, playing & dreaming

With staying at home being the order of the next month or so, now more than ever is the time to spend time on our home environments in order to protect our wellbeing. We need our living spaces to be multipurpose and for them to serve multiple functions, so that we can work, rest and play safely, all under one roof.

With many of us having spent the last year sorting out our homes so that we can achieve this balance, it’s no wonder that many parents are now wondering how to transfer these same principles into their children’s bedrooms.

Every week we spend hours on the phone to parents who need to create exactly this; a haven for their little ones where they can spend time home-school studying, lounging and relaxing after a day’s lessons, and then a space to dream about their future plans.

But the main challenge is almost always the same one; But how do we provide all of these elements within one room? Their bedroom isn’t that big…

Here’s where high sleeper loft beds really do come in handy as the solution to the multifunctioning child’s room.

loft bed with futon and desk in brown, neutral colours,kids room

Essentially, a high sleeper bed is a bed that’s raised high off the ground, with a sleeping platform the same height as a top bunk bed. This then allows for all the space to be utilised underneath the bed in a variety of ways.

For most parents who select high sleeper beds, the furniture requirements underneath are governed by what they need the bedroom to be.

So here we break down the separate elements of the high sleeper bed, and show how it is fully possible to ‘zone’ their space and create a little haven all of their own; a place they can explore and just be, away from the doubtless hubbub of the rest of the home. A little piece of zen in this hectic world in which we find ourselves. 

1. A sanctuary in which to SLEEP…

First and foremost, the high sleeper (or loft) bed needs to be a cosy place to sleep the night away (with any luck, anyway!)

Here’s why we love a high sleeping platform:

  • With a loft bed being raised up high away from the rest of the room, it automatically creates a zoned sleep space, away from any study or chill out areas, so no distractions up there!
  • There’s nothing else quite like the feeling of being Queen or King of your own castle!
  • The sheer height of the bed makes an impressive focal point in the bedroom.


Absolutely! The high sleeper bed usually only takes up the same footprint as a single bed in a bedroom, Look for space saving functionality on the beds, such as fixed, upright ladders. This means a ladder that sits flush to the bedframe, thus not taking up any extra space in the bedroom. If considering a loft bed with a fitted ladder like this, ensure that there are hand grips to make for a safe and easy climb, much like our brand new Classic high sleeper range.

2. A serious space for STUDYING …

desk under high sleeper bed

There are many high sleepers out there with desks underneath, and having a desk as part of a child’s room is fast becoming a top priority for many parents.

Here’s why we love a study space under a high sleeper bed:

  • Having their own study station tucked away under the bed helps create a zoned area for serious studies, and limited distractions.
  • By having their own educational area, it can help children know that they (and their studies) matter.
  • For older children, having their own desk makes for a great space to chat with friends on video too with a bit of privacy. This area for communication can really help settle a child and again, provide them with a safe environment to open up conversations with friends.  
  • It’s practical. – By having the desk space under the bed, it helps create boundaries. (ie the work has a home and so family areas in other parts of the home can be for socialising).
  • It’s also super tidy! Having the desk stored neatly under the bed truly frees up more space elsewhere in the bedroom.


Short answer – no! There are lots of loft beds on the market with built in, fixed furniture. But the beauty of our new Classic high sleeper range is that the furniture is all completely freestanding, which means (almost) endless layout options. – Perfect for adapting spaces and for moving into other rooms if needs be.


3. A haven for R&R ...

futon chair bed, pink bedroom

We love a high sleeper with some sort of chill out space underneath too. After all that home schooling, who doesn’t want to put their feet up of an evening?

Here’s why we love a cosy lounge space under a loft bed:

  • It’s an escape from reality, and the current pressures that we’re all under. – It’s a special place for them to relax, and that they really can call their own.
  • Some loft beds come with futon chair beds – making the ideal solution for smaller rooms that need a chair and sleepover solution in one! See our Classic Beech high sleeper range for high sleepers with convertible futons.


4. Somewhere to get everything SORTED ...

storage under loft bed

Who doesn’t need extra storage (especially in a child’s room?!) Loft beds that include storage furniture really are invaluable, and provide a great opportunity to finally encourage tidy up time.

Here’s why we love space saving storage under a loft bed:

  • Tidy room; tidy mind. There’s so much truth in this phrase, and we know that having a clear space helps focus the mind and can work wonders for mental health.
  • It’s a really valuable and practical use of space; Extra storage or drawers that can be slotted under a bed instead of taking up floor space elsewhere in the room is a bit of a no-brainer if you ask us.



This is where our Classic High Sleepers are ideal, because the independent furniture can be moved around anywhere else, even in to a different room entirely so as to free up space under the bed. – WIN WIN!

To take a look at our effortlessy versatile Classic High Sleeper Beds, with moveable furniture, click here.

Fancy a fixed configuration? Take a look at our timeless Fargo high sleeper range here.

Still need help with creating their sanctuary? Call our office on 01985 300 588.