girls double bed

Choose the best girl bed for your daughter by starting with quality construction. Solidly built with a flexible design, a girls bedroom furniture will serve well throughout her childhood and into her teens. It’s an investment you only want to make once. That’s why our practical furniture is designed and constructed to last from beautiful sustainable hardwoods. We don’t make the claim for lasting durability without proof. Clearly, most trampolines are purchased to save the children’s beds from destruction. We child test our girls beds the same way a child does.

Our Beds for Girls are as Distinctive as Your Daughter

Room space has to be factored in when choosing a girls bed. If your daughters are sharing a room, then you want girl beds that best utilise the space. Another factor to consider is a girl's love of sleepovers. An additional girls bed, whether bunk beds for girls, a twin bed or trundle will not go unused. It will also guarantee a good night's sleep for everyone. The beauty of a trundle or bunk bed as a guest bed is that it requires no extra space. We would also encourage a bed design that can transition with a decor that may go from princess pink, to uncommon colour combinations. It may end with a tasteful conservative feminine style. A girls bedroom furniture should reflect her own style as she grows. Choosing classic English furniture for girls bedrooms is sensible. It will never go out of style, yet it will blend into the many style phases a girl may go through. Since the beds are made from solid wood, repainting is always an option. Eight-year-old girls’ single beds are perfect in white but by age 16 they might prefer a subtle colour combination. That’s completely doable with Little Folks Furniture. When you choose a girl bed, choose one of our very special mattresses designed for comfortable sleep.

Girls Bedroom Furniture to Fit Your Style and Budget

What girl bed suits you? There are many from which to choose including the handmade Fargo series, Classic Beech and Mid-Century Edit. Choose girls single beds or the small double if space is available. Some offer trundle beds for guests or storage. For maximum floor space, girls bunk beds for two children is the popular choice. If the ceiling is high, a high sleeper for one child has room below for a chest, desk, futon and shelves. It’s all conveniently and efficiently arranged. There is also a mid-sleeper sized for young children. Children young and older love our cosy girls cabin beds. Our beautiful solid girl’s beds are designed in the UK and built to be rock solid. Don’t forget our very special mattresses specially designed for each type of bed. Our supportive mattresses are hand made in Wiltshire with 100% cotton covers. They come with a five-year guarantee. We offer matching or coordinating wardrobes, chests, desks, chairs, bookshelves and vanities to complete your girls bedroom. We’re not going anywhere, so these additional pieces can be added as needed. The best beds for girls are quality made in the UK and available at Little Folks Furniture.