Do you remember your first bedroom?

Many of us have strong childhood memories of our bedrooms, whether they were chosen by our parents, influenced by our favourite colours, hobbies or characters, or perhaps they were more about following the decor trends. Whatever the inspiration and decade, we always love reading a little nostalgia inducing anecdote (yes, even if it did feature a rust coloured eighties carpet!) 

Here are some of our team's favourite memories of their first rooms.

 “My first recollection of my first bed was roughly at the age of 3, where I shared a room with my brother in a bunk bed. It was a striking white and orange bed with a white and orange wardrobe next to it. -  I thought it was marvellous, such a retro style if it were around now!

When I was 4, we moved to a very old inn and my parents furnished the whole home with antique furniture. My brother and I shared a big room with two gorgeous antique oak, heavily decorated children’s beds; rather a difference from the modern style room of the previous year!. I think I still have my bed in the attic… They were great; the head board was so high that you could put a large blanket over it and create a tent, which provided hours of fun and games. Next to the bed I had a foldable desk and bench. - If you raised the desk upwards it converted into a pretty cool blackboard. - This was a hand-me-down, given by my neighbour as he’d outgrown it, and I loved it.

We moved again when I was 10 into a very simple but cosy room… This room I remember vividly, as it was the first time that I made my own desk (my interest in wood and timber clearly started from a young age!) … It consisted of a piece of board and four planks of wood, all hammered together. I liked the result a lot and was pretty proud of my achievement, however it constantly needed balancing due to the wobbly legs BUT it was mine, and I made it!

 When I turned 11, we moved yet again. – This time to a brand new house, and for a change, I had my own room and built in furniture … I was so excited that I remember jumping on my bed all day! The mattresses we bought were from overproduction for the Olympic Games in Sarajevo ‘84 (sometimes small details seem to stick in the mind!) This was my last childhood room, which was transformed years later into my first small two room flat for our young family. - What goes around, comes around!”

Inspecting wood, Quality Control

 Saso, Production & Quality Manager

"After sharing a bunk bed for a few years with my pink-loving sister, I moved into my own bedroom when I was about eight. It was the early nineties, and suns, moons and stars were big news in the style stakes! Armed with my book about astrology (which I still have), I designed my very first interior, inspired by the night skies. The walls were a deep navy blue, and I painstakingly stencilled gold painted moons and stars all over one wall.- A few were a little 'rustic' looking shall we say, but I remember loving the effect (not sure my parents were so convinced!)

I had dream catchers, and a gold sun wall clock on one room, above my desk. The white bed was one half of the bunk bed that my sister and I had shared, and I had makeshift drawers underneath in which to stash some of my favourite things, such as my music cassettes, secret notes and art.

I would definitely say that my room hugely reflected my personality, and I can still say to this day that I have a slight obsession with all things stars related, and midnight blue happens to be one of my favourite colours, too!"

Fi, Brand Coordinator


“It was a ‘new build’ property in the mid seventies, and I was given the ‘box room’. Like Saso, I had a very orange and white bedroom, with a white metal single bed, bedside and chest of drawers. The fronts of the wardrobe had really cool orange panels (well, they were at the time, anyway!) I also had a great bedside light, well it was actually pretty ordinary, but being an inquisitive child, I decided to tape a toy with holes in it to the bulb. For a little while it cast some pretty cool shapes around the room, but then it melted, at exactly the same time as my Dad walked into the room to find out what all the excitement was about! (Editor’s note – We do not recommend taping anything onto bulbs in your own home!) This room was most definitely just a bedroom, with no toy in sight. These were kept downstairs in the living room for play time.

As a teenager, I gave the bedroom a makeover, and picked out black ash and red fitted furniture. It was the early ‘80s, and fitted furniture was most certainly a popular choice. Continuing the bold theme, I had wonderful textured wallpaper which I painted in a bold red to match the furniture. My walls were covered from floor to ceiling in my idols, Depeche Mode. This room was most definitely a reflection of my personality, and music was a large influence in my life growing up. - I subsequently formed a band with my friends.”

Martin, Warehouse Coordinator & Set Builder

So there we have it! From seventies orange to nineties stars, and from the customised to the integrated, it's clear that no matter what our first bedrooms looked like, we can safely say that we certainly remember them. 

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