How to declutter your children's room this Spring

Children’s bedrooms are supposed to be fun and inspirational spaces in which to sleep, learn, and grow so when the chaos of everyday life gets in the way, maintaining a clean and tidy space seems like an impossible task.  

Cluttered rooms can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. So for this spring, we thought we’d share some advice on making sensible furniture choices to help kids combat a messy room to make them feel motivated and content.

Classic Beech Bunk Bed with Trundle £639

Make the most of under-the-bed storage

Cubix mid sleeper bed

The best place to tidy away toys and clothes is under the bed. Opt for a bed with a trundle, as it can double up as a large storage drawer, or pop a mattress in it to have a pull out guest bed. Mid Sleepers which offer under the bed storage solutions are a handy alternative. With storage units on wheels, they can be easily rolled out for use and tucked away in a compact space – as the proverb goes “Out of sight, out of mind!”

Embrace the shelf life

Fargo Small Storage Bookcase Fargo Hook-on Hanging Shelf
Fargo Small Storage Bookcase £160 Fargo Hook-on Hanging Shelf £60

Decluttering your kid’s room doesn’t mean you have to hide all the knick-knacks and trinkets away. Using shelving or bookcases to store and display items can give the room personality, and reducing the amount of belongings at ground level really creates that clean and tidy look.

If you’re in rented accommodation or are reluctant to put shelves on the walls, look for a hook-on shelf that can hang nicely over the side of the bed; a handy place to store books for the bedtime story.

Raise the bed above your head

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Fargo Loft Bed with Bookcase, Sofa Bed & Corner Desk £1395 Fargo Loft Bed with Sofa Bed & Corner Desk £1265

Beds are ideal for those with limited space; high sleepers offer you the chance to make the most of the available space underneath. That space can be filled with any number of combinations of furniture. Children (or parents) can prioritise work (big desks, storage desks), rest (sleepover futon chairs, sofa beds) or play (storage bookcases for books and toys). Multipurpose furniture can really reduce the amount of clutter in the room and can ultimately save lots of space - just what you need to make your little one’s room a relaxed and stress free zone.