Craftmas Wreaths

I love everything handmade at Christmas time, and particularly decorative accessories that involve a bit of paper and paint!

I whipped up this card wreath a few evenings ago. It was so easy (and fun) to create, and would look just fab with other shapes too, such as stars, snowmen or even the big Mr C himself!

In case you fancy getting your crafting game on with the little ones, here's what you need to do to make your own wreath:

1. Grab some old paint tester pots in your chosen colours, and paint a large piece of white card. I chose to go for a dry brush kind of effect, mainly because I wanted the wreath to have texture and layering.

2. Whilst the paint’s drying, make a ring with another (thicker) piece of card and paint in the same colours. Leave to dry. The ring needs to be the size that you want your wreath to be, and I'd recommend making it no more than an inch wide.

3. From the first piece of card, cut out whatever Christmas shapes you like! I went for a combination of foliage and berries, choosing three different leaf shapes for variety and layering. I drew the shapes straight on to the painted card, and carefully cut out.

4. Layer the shapes up around the ring of card, and bend/score or curl the card to create texture and a slightly 3D effect. - If using scissors, be careful of little ones who'll need their own child safe scissors!

5. There'll be a lot of moving the shapes around to create the perfect wreath design, but once you have the desired layout, stick it all together with double sided tape or glue stick. et voila! Your bespoke, home made Christmas wreath. - Perfect for sprucing up interior walls and doors.

Happy Styling!

Fi x