Clever Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms

Storage for kids’ rooms is a hot topic, especially for shared kids rooms, and smaller children’s rooms.

One of the biggest hacks in the parenting world is of course, creating more storage. Storage for toys, clothes, stone collections, marbles, football stickers, odd socks, jewellery, colouring pens… The list is endless.

However, one of the biggest problems that we hear time and again for our customers, is not having enough space in their child’s bedroom for adequate storage.

So, here is our round up of how to maximise space for storage in your child’s bedroom, with clever hints and tips on how to best optimize their bedroom and clobber the clutter, once and for all!

  1. Use the walls

To alleviate precious floor space, utilize space on the walls for storage of small toys and books. Display small toys, such as built construction toys and lesser used games on upper shelves.


  1. Make use of space under a standard single or small double bed

Choose a roll out trundle that slides all the way under the bed. Without a mattress in, trundles operate in the same way as a giant drawer, by providing an expansive drawer. This can be used for folding away clothes, blankets, or soft toys.


  1. Opt for a mid sleeper bed or cabin bed with built in drawers underneath, to make best use of floor space.


mid sleeper bed

Mid sleepers, often called cabin beds, have a unique solution for storage. With a bed raised up to mid height, often accessed with a ladder, underneath the bed is left for a variety of storage options including open cupboards and drawers. These are great beds for children who have lots of toys and trinkets to store.

Top tip – select drawers on castors for greater maneuverability, and to allow for den building under the bed on rainy days.


  1. If you think your child needs both drawer storage, and hanging cupboard space, but you don’t have the room for both wardrobe and chest of drawers, a combination wardrobe could be a good option for both folded and hanging clothes.

Look for wardrobes where the doors fully open, and combination robes with decent drawer storage underneath.

  1. If you are looking for storage of school equipment, it is worth searching for desks with built in storage. Nifty shelves under the work top, or even cubby holes or desks with pedestals allow for extra storage space of a few files, lots of exercise books and laptops.


  1. For those with older children who are lacking storage space in their bedroom, it is worthwhile considering high sleepers with built in storage underneath. The bed is bunk height which allows a vast amount of space below for storage furniture as well as elements such as desks and chairs.


  1. Children often come with lots and lots of books, so it’s a good idea to look for solid and sturdy bookcases and shelves. Research bookcases with adjustable shelves and with adequate space for both large and small books.


  1. Pop a hook on shelf onto the side of a high bed or bunk bed, in place of a bedside table; perfect for a bedtime drink or book!

hook on shelf

  1. Conceal the clutter with a bedside cabinet with cupboard door. Doors hide a multitude of clutter and keep things neat and tidy for bedtime.

From extra storage furniture, to nifty hook on shelves and beds with storage included underneath, Little Folks Furniture have an array of storage options to fit the most compact child's bedroom, alleviating space to play, imagine and explore.