Autumnal updates for the trendiest children around

This month, Little Folks Furniture set me the task of creating some dreamy new interiors schemes for their best selling range, the Fargo high sleeper.  I couldn’t wait to test out some new looks (any excuse to play with paint!)

First up was the Fargo high sleeper with full length desk....

Perfect for mini crafters, and (partly) sensible students, this option with full desk is the obvious solution.

The ginormous full length desk runs the whole way down the length of the bed, giving plenty of room for them to spread out their arty projects.

Top Tip: By placing the bed against the wall, I’d make full use of the wall space above the desk and below the bed, and create an on-the-go mood board to showcase their creative works. – 2 in 1: Fabulously original wall creations, plus lovely arty activities for your budding artist!

For my autumn moodboard update, I’ve picked out a more unusual palette of hazelnut brown, soft thistle and blush pink. Delicate yet full of warmth for the season of chilliness! I’d love to hear what you think!

Next up, was the Fargo high sleeper with futon and storage desk…

A storage desk (because who doesn’t need more storage?) for late night scribbling, and a cool fold-out futon for not-so-scary Halloween sleepovers. This classic option is pure space-saving genius, and in my opinion, is a delightful combination of a little bit of everything all rolled into one!

For this fun bed, I created a mood board full of colour, featuring seasonal reds, oranges and greys, and a fabulous large scale star print wallpaper by Hibou Home. There *may* also be a little dino hidden in there too, just because!

One of my favourite loft beds out there is the Fargo high sleeper with storage desk and daybed, and it’s the ideal solution for any little one who loves a snuggle down on a super cool sofa with their favourite tome!

Featuring a high rise bed, clever storage desk for stuffing full of books, and the best part is the multipurpose sofa that can easily be utilised for spare guests. Plus, double winner for me … As it’s a freestanding sofa, it can go anywhere in their room (or even next door if you have a snorer on your hands!)  I love the fact that the bed layout can be rearranged – if my little one turns out anything like me, he’ll love a room overhaul every now and again. There’s nothing like having a little layout change to inspire imaginations, is there?

For my autumn moodboard update, I’ve picked a combination of navy blue, mustard and teal to really pull through some warmth. Is this a combination you’d pick? - Let me know what you think!

Finally, last but by absolutely no means least, is the Fargo high sleeper with double bed, aka ‘The Napper’ …

Ok so THIS is clever, and is a newbie (soon to become firm favourite, I’m sure!) to the Little Folks Furniture range. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a nap? If you’re going to have some shut eye, may as well do it in style. With two beds to choose from, your little one could pick and choose from top loft level single, or comfy, spacious double.

It’s also the ideal bed for shared spaces, in my opinion. – Though they may have to take this one in turns!

For my autumnal update, I’ve selected a hot pink, burnt orange, and cream, and I reckon it would look absolutely fabulous with Scion’s Mr Fox wallpaper. What’s not to love about this combo?!

Hope you’re feeling inspired to get the paintbrush out for autumn. - We’d all love to see your updates!

Happy styling,

Fi, (aka The Cubby Hole) x