A reading revolution

Do your little ones love to read?

We often hear from parents of avid bookworms, who are looking to create a cosy space for themselves and their children, in which to curl up with a favourite tome in hand.

Reading for pleasure (and not just for homework and studies), can be often overlooked. – As adults and with many of us now working various different patterns, it’s easy to push reading a book at bedtime down the list of our personal priorities. But the ability to read for leisure is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. It can help with enhancing imagination, literacy and learning, and also (very importantly), reading fiction in particular can be a form of escapism which is hugely beneficial for good mental health.

A recent open letter from Cressida Cowell to the Prime Minister, has highlighted the importance of primary school libraries and the ability to change lives through literacy.

Libraries provide far more than just reading opportunities, but the enjoyment of literature, learning and imagination doesn’t have to stop when at home. Research by the National Literacy Trust found that children’s enjoyment of reading increased to 55.9% post lockdown in 2020, which we think is a hugely impressive and promising statistic. However, one of the barriers to reading was having a lack of quiet space at home to call their own, away from any distractions. A lack of school/peer support also negatively affected their ability to read as well as their motivation to read for enjoyment.

We asked our founder, Chris for some expert top tips when it comes to kitting out their space and encouraging them to get lost in a good book:

“Creating a cosy nook for children to read in will help encourage them to sit down, get comfortable and become lost in a story. Using a futon chair means that parents or friends can easily get involved too.

pink futon chair bed in pink bedroom

If you’re short on space, high-sleeper beds are great for nestling furniture underneath.

high sleeper loft bed with futon

Consider adding a sofa bed for extra enjoyment, and as an easy answer to impromptu sleepovers.

high sleeper bed with reading sofa bed cosy corner underneath

Make sure books are easily accessible. Having uncluttered bookcases or shelves hooked onto the bed frame makes it simple for children to pull out their favourites whenever they have the urge to read.Plus, good storage will help keep the space tidy and inviting.”

hook on bookshelf

bookcase for children with green and blue books inside

So, lots of inspiration here if you have a book worm on your hands with a growing library of books!

Happy reading! x