A Holly Jolly Christmas!

There’s no doubt about it - Christmas will be different this year - of that, we can be sure.

With the recent news about Christmas bubbles having been announced for 2020, many families are busy preparing for a Christmas home alone.

Whilst the idea of proper, cosy, snuggle down days at home is a welcoming notion, many of us are also feeling rather daunted about the prospect of entertaining the household for festivities in the run up to the big day. - And what about that odd time frame in between Christmas and New Year where all the children seem to go a little stir crazy from eating copious amounts of gold coins and yule log?!

So, we’ve gathered our thoughts and have come up with some cracking ideas to fill the Christmas holidays. – Yes, all 14 days of holiday fun! Read on if you’re after some quick-win festive frolics.

Day 1: Wonderful wreaths

DIY seems to have been a huge hit this year, and our lockdown periods have inspired some major creativity. We’ve seen some fantastic wreaths on our travels so far; from fabric and paper through to home-made foraged numbers. With less wreath making workshops available on our doorsteps, it’s inspired us all to get crafting.

To keep things simple, how about pairing a lovely woodland walk with some forest foraging? Take a bucket of water with you and fill it with fallen foliage, and then once home in the warm, create your own wreath using ivy, holly, fir, pine cones and juniper.


Day 2: Marvellous mince pies

If you’re a baker, get ready for a day of creating. If you prefer to spend your time eating the goodies, grab some ready-rolled pastry, mince-meat and caster sugar, and create some yummy mince pies. Many children don’t seem to like the mince-meat – maybe it’s pickle-like consistency? This website has some wonderful alternatives to the traditional mince pies.


mince pies

Day 3: It’s a wrap!

With ecology at the forefront of our minds this year, why not make your own wrapping paper? Brown kraft paper is fairly easy to come by, so all you need are some potatoes and paint, and away you go! Gifts wrapped with love and attention look so much better, don’t you think?!

 potato print wrapping paper with stars

Day 4: Deck the halls (and the bedroom, and the living room, and the kitchen…)

In fact, why not decorate every room?! This year seems to be a good one for going all out on the Christmas displays. Decorating festively needn’t be costly. Take a look at our Pinterest board for lots of home made Christmas decorations.

Day 5: The Big Day

Christmas day. Spend it however you’d like, just remember to leave a mince pie, sherry and carrot out the night before!

 dog with wreath around neck

Day 6: Box Day Battles

Traditionally a day when we gather together with lots of family members, how about a virtual Quizmas Quiz?! For festive rounds, take a look at this website: https://www.you.co.uk/christmas-quiz-round-ideas/

Day 7: Christmas cycling

Find your best Christmas jumper and head off out for a festive family cycle to blow away the cobwebs!

Day 8: Festive Films

Enjoy the time together and cosy up for a duvet day. Turkey sandwich leftovers and chocolate treats at the ready! (if there are any left, that is!)

laughing kids in duvet

Day 9: Banish the boredom with (yes, you’ve guessed it) – Board games!

Children from as young as 3 can enjoy a good board game, and even if they don’t quite understand the concept of the game, practising things like taking turns, sharing and logic are all great social skills for the future.

board games

Day 10: Commemorate the year

There’s certainly been no other year like it in our lifetime so far, and we’re certainly not going to forget it in a hurry! Why not craft a 2020 salt-dough decoration that’s personalised to your family?

Day 11: New Year’s Eve

Since we can’t gather for fireworks displays this year, why not prepare a feast with the children? Invite them to pick a meal to cook from scratch, have fun making menu’s and dressing the dinner table and have a restaurant standard (ok, we can dream!) dinner at home. Later on, snuggle down and see the new year in once the kids have dozed off!

festive cooking

Day 12: 2021 (hooray!)

The New Year brings with it new hopes, wishes and dreams. 2020 was a challenging year for most of us in a multitude of ways. The first few days of January can feel a little daunting, so why not ease yourself in gently with some self-care? The children might quite enjoy a little foot pack, face mask or extra bubbly bath and lots of story time. Take time to unwind and talk about any events that might be happening in the children’s lives this year.

2021 new year

Day 13: Think about your thank you’s

We think letter writing is making a comeback, so we’re not just talking a text message here or there. How about sitting down with the kids and crafting some lovely letters for the precious people in their lives? Keep the wording positive, and rooted in the present and future to keep things upbeat.  

Day 14: School Eve

back to school

Get those ducks in a row. - It may not be quite their idea of fun, but take the day to prepare their minds for back to school. Prepare as much as you can the evening before - your alarm clock will thank you all for it!

And there we have it! 14 days of festive frivolities!