The same bedroom - styled 3 different ways

Feel like a change-over but don’t want the fuss or cost of a complete room refresh?

Here are some instant, low cost ways to update a child’s room without having to re-paper the walls or change the carpet.

  1. Repaint one wall

grey bunk bed with wallpaper and brown painted walls

white wall, loft bed and COD

Painting just one wall can make a dramatic difference to the overall look and feel of a bedroom. Here, we switched up the warm Caramel which created a vintage, upmarket older teens bedroom to Pure White, more suitable for a younger child.

  1. Update the bedding

bunk bed, brown stripe duvet set


Changing up the bedlinen on a bed can have a dramatic difference to the aesthetic of the room. Swap deep, bold stripes for thin stripes and solid colours to tie the new scheme together.

thin stripes

  1. Switch up one highlight colour

grey loft bed with futon under

pink and blue loft bed unfolded futon

Change key accessories in the room to draw the eye across the space. By swapping out just one of the colours (from red to pink in this example) the whole bedroom is updated from super smart to blissfully dreamy.


  1. Flip the desk

grey desk under loft bed

grey desk under loft bed

If you have a high sleeper with a desk, you can create a new bedroom aesthetic simply by switching the desk orientation. Try moving it through 90 degrees, swapping the end or even placing it on the outside of the frame.


  1. Change the furniture

bunk bed and COD

loft bed with wardrobe

As children grow older, changing and updating their furniture might be something to consider from a practical perspective, but swapping in different furniture can also revamp their room visually too.

For children with lots of dresses, a wardrobe might be a better storage solution, whereas for lots of tops and trousers, a chest of drawers might be more practical for them.

Happy styling!