7 things to consider when buying a childs' bed

So you’re about to embark on the process of sourcing that all-important first ‘big bed’ for your little one.

You’ve got your list of brands that you’ve checked out on line and on social media, looked at endless reviews, and you’ve even got several Pinterest boards jam packed full of fabulous ways to design their bedroom.

You should be itching to get going with creating their special sanctuary, but instead you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed, perhaps even a little daunted by the sheer volume of information that’s out there.

Maybe you have questions like

How do I know the bed I’m considering is decent enough quality?


How long will the bed last; is it a good idea to invest for longevity or will they outgrow and need a different type in a few years?

And even,

What style bed is best?

So, we thought we’d give you a helping hand, with our top seven considerations when buying a single bed:


oak wood sample

Design isn’t just about great looks. It’s as much about how a bed has been designed to be manufactured. So, once you’ve found a bed you and they love, make sure you check what the wood type is. The bed frame is the most important part, and (in our humble opinion), we think it should be only ever crafted from solid hardwoods. Some examples of these are Oak, Ash, Beech and Poplar. Generally speaking, items that have been crafted from solid hardwoods will outperform those made from woods such as Pine. - They're sturdier, stronger and last much longer. Read more about why we’re so passionate about hardwoods here.


We’d always recommend researching the brand you’re buying from. – Who are they? What are their other products? Things to look for are if they have a solid foundation of reviews online and if they design a suite of other beds and furniture.


You might be anticipating that your little one could outgrow a single bed as quickly as they change their favourite colour, however single beds are actually super versatile because strong, durable beds can be repurposed as guest room beds, or even passed down to younger siblings and cousins later on down the line.


white single bed with trundle in blue and red boys room

The colour of a bed is a highly subjective thing, but a simple White bed will likely last the changes in themes, seasons and age. one of our best-selling single beds is the Classic Beech single bed with trundle in Pure White. A simple, white bed with solid Beech hardwood frame, it’s a classic design which can look fantastic in traditional interiors as well as modern bedrooms, and has a great amount of longevity.


Look for beds that make use of the space underneath for storage. Giant drawers that can take copious amounts of toys that can be tidied away at the end of the day? Yes please (especially in this post-Christmas period!)

single bed with storage

Did you know that all of our single beds can be bought with a trundle underneath too? – Which brings us neatly on to our next factor:


Even if your child has their own bedroom, they may well want to host a sleepover or two in years to come (when we’re pandemic free of course!)

Sleepover trundles are essentially extra beds that roll away under the bed frame when not in use. 

Did you know that all of our trundles are both a storage drawer AND a sleepover bed? – You simply need to pop in a trundle mattress to create an instantaneous sleepover solution. Also extremely handy for parents who may need to join littlies in the middle of the night.


For ease when buying bedding, and to ensure that grown-ups can sleep in the beds from time to time too (perfect if you’re looking for potential guest room bed candidates), it’s usually a good idea to go for a full size single bed. If this is something that’s important to you, make sure you check the size before you buy, as there are many on the market that are smaller.

Did you know that all of our single beds are full size and are sturdy enough to take the weight of a grown up?

 infographic Classic Beech bed

And there you have it – our handy guide to buying a single bed. To read more about bed buying, check out our Bed Buying Guide here.

To view all of our single beds, click this link.