5 ways Mid sleeper Cabin beds can help you save space!

One of the things we hear lots from our lovely customers, is that you often need help with choosing beds and furniture that will really help them save space and make the most of a compact child's room.

We love lending a helping hand, so here are 5 ways a mid sleeper bed can help when it comes to creating a light and airy space for your child, that ticks the storage boxes, and leaves room for plenty of play too.

1. Many mid sleeper cabin beds have manoeouvrable storage underneath. Pick options with furniture on castors so that it can be rolled around the room, or away when not in use. 

Cubix mid sleeper cabin bed with storage

2. If floor space is tight, select a mid sleeper bed that frees up play space below. By converting the underneath into a den, it's the ideal space to stash all their toys, as well as encouraging their imaginations to be inspired.

mid sleeper cabin bed with den

3. For children with lots of toys and clothes, opt for extra storage units that can sit side by side under the bed, or at either end, to create plenty of room to store larger toys in between.

mid sleeper bed with lots of storage

4. If space is at a premium in your child's room, start with just the bed itself, and then add the furniture as and when you need it. This means that you're not tied into furniture that you may not need right from the start, plus you can really see how your child uses the space, and adapt to them accordingly.

mid sleeper cabin bed 5. Perhaps your child is getting to the age of homework and they need a designated study space in their room? Opt for a mid sleeper with a roll out desk, so that it can be rolled back away once the studies are over. - Saves space, and isn't a constant reminder of work so that they have room to relax and play too.

mid sleeper bed with roll out desk

We love mid sleeper cabin beds for all the reasons above, and many more. Our Cubix mid sleeper range is a high quality, solid framed design, with endless options. - A versatile bed for changing minds and spaces!

If you'd like to talk all things space saving, give one of our designers a call on 01985 300 588. and we'd be happy to help you make the most of the space in your child's room.