5 Colour Schemes for Kids' rooms in Summer 2024

Here at Little Folks Furniture, we adore the use of colour in children’s rooms. From calming neutrals, to bigger pops of personality, colour has the opportunity to create unique bedrooms, because after all, each child is different in their wants and needs.

As consumers, we’re constantly inundated with interiors reel trends and hacks obliterating our screens, and whilst many of these will work well in our own homes, sometimes it’s difficult to know what is suitable for children’s rooms.

Here are our Top 5 colour schemes for kids’ rooms this summer. – Let us know if you think you’ll be doing a refresh with any soon!


  1. Beautiful Sea-Blue, Deep Russet Ochre and Natural Wood

two tone bed

This super smart palette has a modern twist with the styling. If you have been using social media then you’ll probably be aware that Red is having a moment. Whilst full red rooms can be too much for most, little pops of deep Red tones is perfect to help draw the eye around an interior space, and it really gives the room depth and personality. This gorgeous complementary combination is also ideal for a nautical vibe.

Why not add in a few vintage inspired seaside props, like a hanging seagull mobile, a piece of driftwood, or even make your own bunting using tester pots in the right colours!


  1. Golden tones

natural bedroom for kids

Whilst Grey is still very much en vogue when it comes to bed colours, Golden colours such as Sand, Caramel and Biscuit tones are the direction Interior Designers are turning when it comes to updating rooms for 2024. And, in our opinion, they make the perfect summer tones as they’re warm and also quite grown up.

Warm neutrals are ideal for shared bedroom spaces, and also for children who may need a calming, natural environment in which to unwind.

When using a monochromatic colour palette like this one, it is a good idea to mix varying textures through different bed linen and blankets. We love muslin or linen duvet covers and open weave fabrics for this look.

The only time we would recommend avoiding using warm neutral paint colours is if your furniture or bed is already a timber tone. The ideal bed colours for these warmer hues are Pure White or Painswick Blue.


  1. Sage Green, Dusky Pink and Pebble Grey

Fargo bed grey

Ideal for a nature inspired, country look, we just love Pink and Grey together. It’s a classic combination that works in many different environments, and is a fabulous way of creating a Pink child’s bedroom that’s not ‘too much’!

With the addition of Sage Green, this palette is pushed into Spring/Summer vibes.

Add some country style accessories such as Pink faux flowers in an enamel jug, and a checked picnic-style blanket.


  1. Navy and Coffee

navy and brown bedroom with grey bunk bed

A strong colour palette for more grown up children, combining Navy and Coffee tones pair perfectly with Soft Grey or Pure White bedroom furniture.

This is a timeless palette that, despite the saturation of colour, is relatively neutral, which means that you could add other colours as highlights. For example, a Pillar Box red or Coral Pink, or even a Teal could work beautifully here as a more playful take on the scheme.


  1. Peach, Cranberry and Cornflower Blue

peach kids room

With Peach Fuzz being the Pantone colour of the year, we just had to include this one in the list of summer schemes! A frothy, fun tone, Peach is a great colour for little ones’ rooms, particularly those under 5. It’s playful, and surprisingly versatile.

Pair it with hints of Cranberry to ‘ground’ it, and add some highlights of Cornflower Blue for an element of surprise. A modern and fresh scheme that’s perfect for more contemporary spaces.


And there you have it! 5 colour schemes perfect for your child's room this summer. - Let us know if you give any a try!


Happy painting x