10 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home for 2020

Wherever you’d usually be spending new year, and whatever you’d usually be doing, it’s safe to say that for 2020 that for the main, we’ll be hosting family pyjama parties in our household bubbles.

You might be wondering how to make new year celebrations a little special for your children, so we’ve had a think of some ways of injecting some fun at home.



How about ringing in the new year with a scrumptious alcohol-free mocktail (and perhaps a cocktail for the grown ups!)? There are lots of great mocktail recipes about, but here are some of our favourites, including some (marginally) healthy ones!


Say cheese!

photo booth backdrop

Grab a large roll of paper – something like a poster roll would work well. Let the little ones loose with some glitter, pens, paint; whatever you have to hand, to create a masterpiece. This will act as the backdrop for your photos – so the brighter the better!

Now, if you’re looking for ways to reuse all those old boxes from online deliveries, this is the perfect opportunity to get crafting some photo props. – Simply draw things like top hats, silly glasses and funny hair, and carefully cut them out (with adult supervision of course). Use garden canes or twigs as holders, and wrap small pieces of fabric around the bottom to avoid sharp ends!

Roll the paper onto a piece of floor (wooden floors work best for this, and take it in turns to lay down on the backdrops with the props whilst someone snaps away. – Fun memory making for everyone!

 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

For those with really young ones, a countdown works well and is a lovely way of celebrating. Here are a few of the best online countdowns that we’ve found. Simply click the link, and play:






Wish upon a star

wish jar

With 2021 being the year for hope and brighter times, it would be a lovely idea to create a family wish jar. Simply grab a used, clean jar, decorate using glitter and glass pens, and ask each family member to write 10 wishes (or as many as they like) on little pieces of paper. Simply roll each paper up, and take it in turns to pop the wish into the jar.

At the end of the year it’s a great activity to empty the jar and take a look at the things you wished for.

This process can also be used to create an Activity Jar. – Jot down things you’d really like to do as a family on separate slips of paper, fold up and pop them in the top of the jar. Then throughout the year, pick an activity at random each weekend!


Play dress up

Fill a cardboard box with old clothes, scarves, belts, necklaces, gloves, and hats to create a fancy dress box. Take it in turns to dress up and see who can make the most interesting outfit!

Get crafty!


With 2020 having been the strangest year so far of our generation, why not make a scrapbook as a memento? You could stick photos in it, drawings, and even newspaper articles. Perhaps you could even create a family poem to go inside it. Memories fade over time, and particularly those without the context of being in different places. So by documenting the year in this way, you can look back on these times with positivity.


Get your game on

You may have had enough of board games, but how about a version via Zoom for an online gathering with extended family?

Check out these links for some great family friendly fun:





Dance like no one’s watching


Create a family play list, by each choosing 3 songs, stick it on loud – and dance the night away!